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  1. I love this picture and this haircut omg
  2. Hi! There is already a thread about it. Please avoid duplicates in the future, thanks
  3. Please guys I was watching "We're Good" MV, I love the song and the video but I found something very strange. Dua seems to have changed the words "sleeping and cocaine" in its streaming version. Check the song from 0:36 to 0:42 on your favorite streaming service (not YouTube). What is she saying? Tell me I'm not crazy
  4. I don't like the pink one, but this one is FIRE!
  5. And why the vinyl is not available (in France) is not available until March 26th?? Her commercial strategy is... a choice
  6. I was listening to Judas and The Edge of Glory in 2012 and I'm a little monster since early 2018
  7. I like the song but it's not outstanding!
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