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  1. Thank you a lot 💋💋💋❤
  2. Let's hope we will have some stuff like backstage or some scene never seen yet 🤞. I always enjoy watching videos about her best career moments 😁
  3. Can they sell just the box 🙄🙄 lol its beautiful !
  4. I think , it would of been more clever to sell at a lower price because more people would of buying it. It's way too expensive for most of people so it's not gonna sell well I think. Wich is really safe for the BTW foundation. Also, the shirts are way to simple in my opinion it doesn't worth the price just because its Versace. The hat is iconic so , why not but still lol
  5. Hey , how are you? Would it be possible to have the Grammy's performances, I'm looking for the shallow dark version in particular 🤔 Also the Monster ball HBO.. A files with pianos version of her songs 🥺😊 Also , sorry lol , is there someone really talented who could add the " shit " instead of the silence during the paparazzi 2009 performance !!?? 🤔🤣 it's such a shame 🥺
  6. It's not starting at the beginning lol 🙄😅 how can I download it ?
  7. It would be very very very nice and sweet of you 🥺
  8. I could watch this all day long ! She's tremendously cute 🥺🥺🥺 friends is one of my favourite show, I'm still laughing at every joke even after seeing them a 100 times 🤣 it's the only show who makes me laugh seriously 😅 so it's a fucking dream for me to witness that 😭 Also, it would be awsome to have that in mp3.. 🤔😁
  9. Is it possible to have the special HBO? Thank you 💋
  10. 911 , by sofi tukker 🥰 I can listened to it several times in a row lol I like the stupid love remix too 😊
  11. It was awsome to listen to Fernando and Tara 🥺 I could here the song because I didn't have spotify but I felt so privileged to listen to the stories. Thank you 💋💋
  12. Its because it's one guy but the people on the studio was probably aware of what's going on and did nothing and maybe took advantage of the situation to frightened her..
  13. That was awsome ! What an unexpected surprise 😍 she looks so great and seems to had fun and beeing happy. She seems a little uncomfortable but to have a big moment 🥰 a little bad point for that the team speech for forgetting shes actually a part of the community and not just a suporter and ally to us lol
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