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  1. Yes Im messed up but I'm stronger for sure lol
  2. It's a beautiful idea ❤ I wont do it because I'm to shy and I don't like to record or even take pictures of myself but in sure she will love it ❤
  3. Actually I thought about this because I wanted to send you a gaga hug lol . There are a lot of great gifts, it feels like memes are mocking her , I don't like it too much lol
  4. Hey, is it possible to have more gifts ? I don't like memes too much. Like kiss gifts, or hugs gifts, or bye gifts lol
  5. I'm very sorry for your lost, I'm sending you love and a big virtual hug ❤
  6. Im crying again 🥺 he seems like a wonderful and kind man. I wish him the very best ❤
  7. Yes who it could be Bryan Newman kid, she also is the godmother
  8. Yes for now, but stans also love gaga and are nasty sometimes lol I just hope he won't be affecting in a negative way by that.
  9. Personally, I think his account should stay private, because stans are gonna bother him. I like him, he seems to be a very nice and kind guy. He has the perfect behaviour for her, I think. I like that he is private, I don't want him being chased by the fandom lol
  10. I love the idea of kindness punk ! She literally created a name for who I am , at least I think I am lol
  11. Is it possible to have it in a format wallpaper ?🥺
  12. Stupid love will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first single released as a little monster ❤ I love it , and I love the video do much. I wish she used the tribes for more things tho. I loved this idea of tribes
  13. It really depends on the person you want to introducing her. If the like ballad or rock or pop or jazz. The answer is not your favourite song but what is the style of music they like lol. For example I made a coworker listen to her duet with sting , king of pain, because this guy like money for nothing from the dire straits for example where sting sing on it and he loved it
  14. This forum makes me happy because I can share my experiences and hopefully helping people. Also I love coming here because I feel heard and understood, and to be honest I come here a lot because I'm feeling less alone and it keeps my mind busy when I'm bored and don't know what to do
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