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  1. Good luck 🥰 I hope you're gonna win
  2. What is the point to do that seriously?
  3. Fun tonight is pretty deep, its awful to think she struggled like that 🥺 I dont know If it's what you mean by shocking. Beside chromatica DWYW is pretty shocking at least the few visuals there was for it.
  4. I only found one, I reported. When they ask me why I didnt know what to say if they usurped someone's I knows identity or someone public lol
  5. When your friends are in an other country its not that easy to stay in touch without social medias but you can just use app who are just got talking. It's all about how you use it and for how long for sure tho
  6. You have a strong mind lol it's good habits that you have ! I'm not on my phone when I'm not alone too but when I'm home in a bit addicte to it .. I can live without internet, at least not on my computer
  7. Honestly, I'm started to have not so much hope about the era coming to life again. I rather think its over and be happy if I'm wrong lol
  8. Ooooh thank you tony you're so sweet ❤😊 I'm happy, I hope every loyal monster here will be able to win at least once ❤
  9. Yeah , its seems for me like destiny give her the opportunity to spared her from this era, I dont know why I'm feeling this. Like it was better for her in a way .. I believe in destiny, and that sometimes, stuff happens for a reason , and I guess I choose to think it shouldn't be for a reason who's not positive. I really hope I'm gonna be understood right with this .. 🥺 I'm not saying I'm right, its just my weird brain talking sorry.
  10. I dont know , it kind sounds weird but its seems like it was fate or something.. dont get me wrong, I thinks it's a shame chromatica hasn't have the era it deserves, I'm sure she loves it with all her heart. I don't know, I'm pessimistic lol
  11. Thank you so so much ,I'm so happy right now 😭😁😁 you are the best you know that right ? 😘❤ Thank you, I'm so happy for me too lol ☺
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