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  1. Same omg, its gives you the rush you need to just rule the world and be bad kid and yourself. I just love it.
  2. Well this is an intresting and random ropic. I used to love demi, but she needs to switch up whatever shes doing rn.
  3. The BRAVE Speech at the Monster Ball. Its so powerfull and really inspiring, it helped me thru alot actually 😭. I still watch it whenever im down.
  4. Ball and Chain, its unreleased but that song is liquid gold. Its my top 30 songs playlist. The lyrics are really powerfull and i vibe with it alot. It wasnt meant to be leaked, ofc its for the fans lol. i know some loves who didnt listen to the leaks. So it will be exciting for them haha.
  5. I have a dog (labrador) and i pet saltwater fishes and corals. Its really fun having a dog to cuddle with. The fishes are something i do as a hobby to calm down and relax, its really relieving to look at them.
  6. I randomly got into The Fame when it was released. Tbh i dont really remember omg. I just know thats where i first heard of Lady Gaga.
  7. The Queen, Fashion!, Enigma, You and I, Teeth, Eh Eh I Skip these at times (alot) *prepares for attack* from ARTPOP Sexxx Dreams, Aura, MJH, MANiCURE
  8. Something dumb, alot of people whos met her always say they say the most random things.
  9. No but Ms Stef really won the jackpot with this man. He's like an all in one package. She really won omg. Im so happy theyre happy together. They both deserve it. Now we shall wait for mini Gaga's.
  10. Lets also add the one where they say she eats human. They still believe it till this day. i-
  11. I can already imagine myself preparing a whole speech and the walking up to her and say "Gaga love you I" or something so dumb and random like "Gaga Babylon pls". im not making this up im really weak and ill for sure end up saying something so random haha.
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