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  1. looks so cute and pretty. I love how there's so many versions of it. the collectors are gonna enjoy these!! haha
  2. Thank you!! for this thread. Its professionally done and arranged. Thank you for this 🤍. so now my life mission would be to collect every piece 😹
  3. Considering its a jazz album with cover songs from decades old. This is really good. Happy for Gaga and Tony. Thank You Tony for everything, we love you so much 🤍🌹.
  4. Done 🦥 and now we wait 😁
  5. Well haus labs have tweeted saying its either LG, HL team or makeup gods as amy has linked above (the tweet) but the question ive seen many ask if gaga really does run it at times. I think yes she does and i believe that she does as a way to connect with true fans. Cause only real fans will interact with HL tweets unlike LG's official account where theres so many trolls and hate and weird chart comparison. The replies under HL account tweets are all love and sweet (except for a couple of trolls) So she could be using it to keep in touch with us. Also at times when people ask anything about gaga, sometimes the account replies with "i wore" so its clear she does use it aha.
  6. So much of emotions rushed thru watching the special. Like there was so much we didnt know + a deeper glimpse into tony himself. It was really emotional to watch. It was very well made.
  7. i always thought this was her discog arrangement but now its official. So she doesnt count ASIB soundtrack. i think it fits since ASIB is after all a soundtrack (amazing nonetheless).
  8. This is her sweetest era ever 😭 im excited for the interview ahhh.
  9. intresting to see 1000 doves remix herem i think its one of the underrated ones
  11. this whole pallete is aesthetically pleasing 🤌🏼💫🤍
  12. the way i thought it was an edit even after LGN posted i thought someone was catfishing. I SCREAMED 💀😭 like if you grew up listening to gaga you had to know who katy was. like its a 2 in 1 deal 💀 lol im fangirling too much, im just soo happy.
  13. How in hell is the enigma remix and 1000 doves remix better than Alice and Rain On Me remix 🗿 yall tasteless but spill Free woman and Replay deserved their spots.
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