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  1. THE WAY WE REALLY WON NOW Also i dont mind that its pushed back. They can take all time they need to perfect it, the last thing we need is another rushed project. As long as were getting it, im happy.
  2. Haha thats fine!! 😂 I love ARUTW it always puts you in a mood 🥺 and feels like youre floating to wonderland. Is there any other song you would choose? Haha another person said babylon too. It is easier to learn than other songs. I wonder if anyone would choose her jazz tracks 🤔.
  3. POV: You have been held captive but a kidnapper and you need to choose 1 Gaga song to sing with zero mistakes and you need to know/sing every lyric, so that you will be set free. Which song are you choosing to decide your fate? Rules: You cannot pick Chromatica I, II, III or a popular song. GO!
  4. Now wait- 👀 maybe we arent delusional. But then again we always are, but meh ill keep having hope its one of the things thats actually feuling my existance.
  5. Ok first let me just say this is soo cool and fun. I love how everyone is taking it seriously. Kudos to yall!! Here i would like to suggest a music video by Arca titled Nonbinary. To me this is one of the most artistic videos ive watched and visually very pleasing to me, not to mention the message the track includes. Heres the link to the video, i hope everyone enjoys it 😄
  6. Thank you leo for the Rina suggestions!! Ill keep adding
  7. Hi monsters, so the Chromatica remix coming up (hopefully) and the features are really promising (both confirmed and rumored). However its sad to see some people being mean already hating on it without it even being out. These artist deserve recognition cause they really have amazing work and discography So id thought I would make a short list of song recommendations from the each of the featured artist on the album (both rumored and confirmed) to maybe get you into their discography. So lets go! 1. Shygirl So Shygirl has already been confirmed to remix Sour Candy. Shygirl recently dropped an EP titled ALIAS, So i would highly suggest you to give it a listen, its truly one of her best work yet. Herse a link to a playlist to the EP with visuals and music videos to all her songs. 2. Charli XCX I believe alot of us have already heard Charli before but those who havent i suggest you have a listen to her mixtape, Pop 2. 3. Ashnikko For Ashnikko i would suggest you to listen to Slumber Party, Daisy, Drunk With My Friends, Tantrum and Deal With It. Tantrum Music Video 4. Grimes Pretty sure we all know Grimes but if you would like to give her a try start off with her classic Kill V. Main then SCREAM, We Appreciate Power, Violence then 4ÆM. After if you would like to continue, you can start with Miss Anthropocene (album). Also here's a performance video of 4ÆM which I you really need to watch. 5. LSDXOXO I really recommend you to listen to their EP Dedicated 2 Disrespect Spotify link: 6. ARCA Now Arca's music is truly experimental, i dove into her discography this year and im very happy to say its one of the best decisions ive made this year. I started listening to KLK (with Rosalia) and it was love at first listen. I really recommend you to listen to KiCK i (you can start with KLK then Watch and La Chique then the entire album) . Its her most accessible music yet and filled with bops and i would describe it (in the words of gaga) an explosion of electronic music. So really check it out. KiCK i link:
  8. When i saw that video it sent me back to 2009 in poker face in an instant. ill never pools the same way again i fear.
  9. The price omg, but its going for a good cause so till be worth it either way.
  10. Since the #l was an L and since she replied under a LMs tweet, who she doesn't follow btw. I believe that there will be 10 more lucky little monsters who will get replies with letter O,V,E,F,O,R,S,A,L,E leading to Love For Sale. However I'm not sure how she's gonna pick where to reply, or she's just winging it. Or we could all just be delusional as always as she was drunk and probably tweeted it by mistake.
  11. Gaga isnt dumb please, this whole "gaga doesnt know of the remix album" narrative started as a joke but some people are taking it seriously?? Its her album of course she and her label needs to give the green light for it to be made + release. If anything i think gaga backed the idea for the album. The only thing is she has not acknowledged the album. So please stop pushing this narrative. I WOULD DIE FOR A DOJAGA COLLAB. However though i wouldnt want it to be a remix, id rather a whole new collab with them.
  12. The title made me soo emotional, like everyone else like cmon "one last time" gosh im sad and happy . Wish they had a livestream but eitheir way i want Tony to be happy and enjoy it, this special.
  13. I think it would be really sweet. Celebrating his birthday + the single release it would make it memorable for him, im sure he will enjoy it.
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