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  1. Hey, maybe some of you didn't know that Ava have early music as "Amanda Kay". I gonna leave this EP here :)
  2. I'm with you she doesn't look like Gaga. But I think the general public tend to compare people to another. Especially as an easy topic for an "lazy" interview. "Oh, she is tiny, blonde and sings pop, just like Gaga." I liked Ava the first time I listend to one of her songs and now she is my third favorite musician. She has a beautiful voice, constantly good songs, she works to get better and seem like a nice person. Oh, and she's hot My favorite song of her is "OMG what's happening" and yours?
  3. I prefer paper books. It's just a nice feeling to finish a book and put it on the shelf. Futhermore you can read them in the bathtub, especially when you buy cheap pre-owned books, like I like to do. Currently I read The Talisman Of Power from Licia Troisi, the last book of the Chronicles Of The Emerged World - trilogy. She wrote 15 books in the same fantasy world and it's what you probably expect. Medieval fantasy with dragons, magic and stuff, but also with unique ideas and (what I like) a focus on the psyche of the protagonist. I also hear audiobooks to fall asleep. In my younger
  4. This is my dog "Picasso". He only likes me when I have something to eat, but I love him <3
  5. That's a great story @Giulia Monster. Your style of writing is so enjoyable The way you sneaked past the security like Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed
  6. Sometimes life shows it's instability relentlessly. Months ago I watched an interview of her and was intrigued by her intelligence and unique approach to music. I was looking forward to her future projects, but... Her death is a cruel answer to the question of her future... but a starting point of her legacy. R.I.P. SOPHIE
  7. I know I'm a basic b!tch, but "Princess Die", " Brooklyn Nights" and "Reloaded" are my favorites. "I Wanna Be With You" just feels like a warm hug <3 Also "New York", "Shut Up", "We Are Plastic" and " Love Sick Girl/Yay Ha" are criminally underrated.
  8. You can see how much this matters to her and she did a great job. And she's looking staggering.
  9. To european monsters, do you have to spend 30$ for shipping, too? And does somebody know a nice promo code?
  10. They better prepare their ears and mental health before they're listing to my entry.
  11. I'm so glad to have her as my idol. It never ceases to amaze me, that she is so full of lucidity.
  12. I think she is just busy and probably decided to don't spend her free time on social media, which is imo a wise decision. I mean social media is sometimes even for "ordinary people" stressful and even more so for celebrities. She's an musician, an actor, has a make-up brand and a foundation. And maybe some deals that have to be done, I mean the whole roll out plan for chromatica was already organized and could include more agreements (like with Apple, Oreo or Valenino) that have more or less strict deadlines. (pure speculation) As long as she is as healthy and happy as her condition
  13. The idea with an EP is very good and something I would really enjoy. But I have to agree with @Adeline : "she doesn't have to please us". It's cheesy, but we have to show graditude for what we got and not focus on the things we wanted and didn't get. Otherwise we are just drowning ourselfs in unnecessary frustration. Of course it's okay and fun to fantasize and to puzzle over "what's the next step?". But we should be cautious that our fantasy don't become our espectation. Because when, for example, a new Hauslabs product comes out and people are upset that nothing, in their eyes
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