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  1. This is so cute 😍 I want to live in a reality, where Gaga randomly pops up with a guitar and a gospel choir. Oh, and she nailed it ... as always
  2. Thank you, this was great and very funny! I was constantly smiling during the party. Well... except when Hair was playing. 😀
  3. It's so nice to see her happy and... OH GOD, I want to be at that party! I am jealous. Honestly, she deserves the key to the world.
  4. I really had to cool down after this news. I'm glad that she said, that she can dry her tears now, and the fact, that she was all these years (and still is) brave and selfless enough to use her horrible experience to help and encourage others, amazes me constantly. Let's celebrate her with taking her advices and being a help for others and distributor of kindness :)
  5. Not me hoping this collab would happen and grinding V-Bucks. What a shame :(
  6. Serve it to me pre-gaga-style
  7. One of the best accounts on twitter. @wildinmonsters I have to be careful now and act smart
  8. Hi, I'm trying to educate myself more about art in general (music, painting, acting, movies, fashion, writing, etc.). So I would be thankful, if you can recommend some books. :)
  9. Wow, your artworks are very good-looking
  10. Well, it depends. You can score really good deals, but there are also very overpriced offers and unoffical or "fake" stuff. So you have to be cautious. I personally had some good experiences with this other ebay, where you chat with people (I think it has a different names in different countries), but there you have to be even more careful. You can also keep an eye on merchstores, they sometimes do discounts. I, for instance, got a shirt from UrbanOutfitters for 15€.
  11. They really want to see me broke. But I think for 40€ they could have designed coloured disks.
  12. Like @Adeline wrote, it depends on the person, but luckily Gaga has something to offer for almost everyone. But I often hear from pop-haters, that they think everyone who makes pop is superficial, manufactured and not talented. To those people I would recommend "Born This Way Acapella from the HBO Special" and "Swine at SXSW". These Video should prove them wrong^^
  13. Nice idea! When is the deadline?
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