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  1. I guess, someone at vulture doesn't like The Fame album.
  2. There are a lot of great remixes on this album, but my favorite has to be Plastic Doll. The verses are awesome and Ashnikko's vocals underline Gagas so well in the chorus. The best moment is imo the brigde from 911 - goosebumps! My least favorite is 1000 Doves. It's too monotonous for me, but I guess a ballad is difficult to remix. All in all a glorious remix album and way more interesting than BTW Reimagined
  3. This song is my favorite jazz recording from her (so far), it got me into a "old music rabbit hole" the last few days. The video is so cute. The little moves she makes when she feels the music are adorable and Tony doing his nonchalant Tonymagic as always.
  4. Damn, I feel so bad for her. She repeatedly said, that she wants normal interactions, and fans should accept that, especially since they should know about her mental struggles. I get that they probably haven't seen her in a long time or at all, but give her some respect, particularly when she's out in private with her family and friends. Have a calm talk with her and if it's not possible, step back and just enjoy her presence. I mean it's a better story to tell than, showing off a selfie of you and her trying to ingnore the crowd. The photo would just show your own selfishness.
  5. I love it! The trailer exude the godfather and high fashion vibes I can't wait to see the movie. I just hope I'll find a cinema, that plays the original version.
  6. I recently watched a documentary about plastic surgery and an increasing number of patients want to look like their "filter self". The doctors even have a special term for this phenomenon: "filter dysmorphia". Filters actually mess with our psyche. Here are some steps I (a random internet user, who's not psychologically trained) think could help. I think the most important step is to be understanding to and don't pressure yourself. Your already read this thread and thought critical about your own filter usage. This enables your mind to subconsciously work on this issue and this will result in thoughts, that will form your own unique way to improve your life. Start to unfollow people, with whom you compare yourself with, especially those who heavily use filters. Start posting unedited pictures. You don't need to post them publicly, send them to friends in private chats instead of edited ones. Be aware, that you don't need to post pictures of yourself on social media. Maybe you can feel better by avoiding the hypothetical or real judgement of your appearance. Also, I have to agree with @gia. The way you carry yourself is more important than your actual look. But to become more confident is really difficult, we all know that. I'm not nearly as self-assured as I would like to be, too. I always think about myself as confident and firm, when I'm alone, but this doesn't last long, when I'm actually interacting with people. Yet I try to improve my confidence, particularly by educating and training myself. Because it's easier to be proud of yourself, when you know you can do things other people can't.
  7. I'm excited! Her first performance in 6 months (when you count the inauguration). And then new stuff with Tony Good luck to the monsters in New York, snatch those tickets!
  8. They totally take advantage of fans. But I think the problem is the structure of modern music-business, namely streaming services. They pay out very little (all in all 30% on spotify for example) and "destroy" other ways to sell music. Tbh, nowadays physical copies are mainly bought to collect them. So the label has to find other ways to earn money; sponsorships, advertisement-deals and selling stuff more expensive. I mean I don't like it at all, but I can understand. And I think the artist has often little to no right of co-determination. But I'm sure some musicians out there are willing to milk their fanbase, either way.
  9. Hi, it's actually quite normal to dislike your own photos. 1. Because we used/still use mirrors to form our self-perception. This means we know our face mirrored and we feel disconnected when we see our un-mirrored selfs on pictures. 2. Camera lenses are distorting our appearance, because they convert a 3D-human into a 2D-picture. This makes closer objects relatively bigger (for example your nose). This effect is stronger when the camera is closer to your face (selfies). So, you're much more beautiful than you think you are. Try to reduce the use of filters, because it's a toxic loop (as you wrote) and you don't need them. Just remember, that you're a goddamn superstar!
  10. I need to rewatch this, because there're so many advices and I want to adopt all of them. This livestream so beautiful. You could feel the chemistry, understanding and respect between Dr. King and Gaga. And I literally gasped when Gaga came on, she looked amazing
  11. This is so cute 😍 I want to live in a reality, where Gaga randomly pops up with a guitar and a gospel choir. Oh, and she nailed it ... as always
  12. Thank you, this was great and very funny! I was constantly smiling during the party. Well... except when Hair was playing. 😀
  13. It's so nice to see her happy and... OH GOD, I want to be at that party! I am jealous. Honestly, she deserves the key to the world.
  14. I really had to cool down after this news. I'm glad that she said, that she can dry her tears now, and the fact, that she was all these years (and still is) brave and selfless enough to use her horrible experience to help and encourage others, amazes me constantly. Let's celebrate her with taking her advices and being a help for others and distributor of kindness :)
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