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  1. For the Babylon HL, I think they were forced by the label to wait the whole remix album.
  2. Well... It looks Interscope delayed the album to early September...
  3. Bloodpop, the lead producer of Chromatica just said on Twitter that the Chromatica remix album is coming for this month!! There are only 2 weeks left so it could be released anytime very soon! Probably on the 20th. Are you excited guys?
  4. Allegedly, Love for Sale will be released on October 1st!
  5. The French actress Camille Cottin talks about working with Gaga in an interview with Olivia Lily Marks. For those who don't know her, she played in "Call My Agent" (a french TV show available on Netflix), Stillwater with Matt Demon (a movie released in September), and a few others shows/movies. So excited for the movie!
  6. Hey folks! Go on https://todaystopfans.byspotify.com/ and tell us for how many hours you listened to Gaga! There is my stat
  7. Streets are saying the first single of Love for Sale is gonna be released on Tony's birthday, August 3rd. What do you think about that?
  8. It was posted by the creator of the petition... I think it's real.
  9. I would cry just to think about it
  10. Me too... I don't think it's him.
  11. Maybe you have seen her in the French TV series "Call My Agent!" on Netflix. She's gonna be the enemy of Gaga in the waited House of Gucci. Read her interview here : https://variety.com/2021/film/features/camille-cottin-stillwater-call-my-agent-season-5-1235002466/ "It was so great to meet and work with Ridley Scott and Adam Driver, who is an immense actor and Lady Gaga, who is extremely committed."
  12. Hey! You can win some Born This Way 10th anniversary merch by replying to a quiz. You have to watch this video until July 11th. Rules : you have to be a French resident and answer correctly to all questions. Gifts : a BTW 10th anniversary hoodie, a "2011-2021" t-shirt, and a Judas t-shirt. The quiz : https://forms.umusic-online.com/forms/-MdChQX4UuaFhQnm9u5P Good luck!
  13. Really excited to know when it'll be released!
  14. As it should! I love this music video, the looks and the place are so awesome!
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