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  1. I love this picture and this haircut omg
  2. Hi! There is already a thread about it. Please avoid duplicates in the future, thanks
  3. Please guys I was watching "We're Good" MV, I love the song and the video but I found something very strange. Dua seems to have changed the words "sleeping and cocaine" in its streaming version. Check the song from 0:36 to 0:42 on your favorite streaming service (not YouTube). What is she saying? Tell me I'm not crazy
  4. I don't like the pink one, but this one is FIRE!
  5. And why the vinyl is not available (in France) is not available until March 26th?? Her commercial strategy is... a choice
  6. I was listening to Judas and The Edge of Glory in 2012 and I'm a little monster since early 2018
  7. I like the song but it's not outstanding!
  8. Well, I remember listening to Judas and The Edge of Glory in 2012 but not to Born This Way... Although this song changed my life later.
  9. Omg yes I'm always talking about Gaga with my friends and family... When someone talks about ANY singer they're like "you see, SHE is WORKING"...
  10. I love Dua Lipa but there are only 4 "new" songs (already leaked, lol). What's the point so? Just earn money?
  11. I cried while reading this text. This is so woeful.
  12. Not a word about Chromatica, nice.
  13. Honestly I'm so excited about this but it will probably be cancelled...
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