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  1. Yeah, she came here a few years ago on her Beautiful Trauma tour and I tried to get tickets, but unfortunately for me (but lucky for her 😂), she sold out immediately 💕 Can't wait to hear the live version of "So What" 😆😆💖
  2. Hey everyone! This is a censored audio of P!nk's new single "All I Know So Far", which came out yesterday! It's such a good song! You can find the official music video and uncensored audio of the song on P!nk's official YouTube channel, however, I don't want to post them here because they're extremely inappropriate for younger LGN members. This song was written for her daughter Willow who she duetted with on her recent song "Cover Me in Sunshine"! The official music video features cameos from her husband Carey, Willow, her son Jameson, and even Cher! P!nk also announced a docum
  3. Are there any good apps for learning Italian? I took up a 3 month short course in 2020 from September - December, but my teacher didn't teach us much. We had to do projects in Italian, but she basically left us to teach ourselves by using online dictionaries to translate the words, and the course was over by the time we did 2 projects. In fact, she taught us so little Italian that I only achieved 13 marks out of 20 for the first one, and 12 out of 20 for the second one. The total amount of marks that I could've gotten was 40, if you add together the 20 possible marks from the first one and the
  4. For example, rather than posting a topic called "Billie Eilish Discussion" that's just about Billie in general, if she releases a new single, you could post a topic called "Billie Eilish Releases New Single" (Name of Song)" so that the discussion is just about that particular song, rather than Billie in general. Or, another example, we will be closing my "P!nk Discussion", and from now on, if she does something, for example, announcing a new tour, I'll just create a topic called" P!nk Announces New Tour "(Tour Name)" and the discussion will be exclusively about that tour. We will also be locki
  5. Amazing! Hopefully this will become worldwide if it works out 🥰
  6. I definitely agree with you on this. I read the statement too 😭💔
  7. Not a big fan of her music either, but Ocean Eyes is pretty good. And she seems like a very nice person 💕 And I love her blonde hair! And she looks amazing in the photoshoot! 👏
  8. I have to agree 👍💖 Tysm @Tony 🥰
  9. I'm so relieved that they've been caught and charged. Honestly, it makes me so sick beyond belief that someone would be so horribly twisted as to pretend to have found the dogs, just in an attempt to get the money. The things people do for money these days are just absolutely disgusting and unbelievable 🤮 Serves them right to be jailed. They've attempted to kill an innocent human being, steal (and possibly injure or kill) 3 innocent little dogs (although Ik it was only Koji and Gustav that got stolen in the end), and they've also damaged the mental health of 2 innocent people (being Ryan and G
  10. Thank you so much @Matt! I can't wait to see what's in the store! It's gonna be amazing! 👏🥰😍
  11. I'm loving all of the looks from this movie so far! 😍😍
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