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  1. She looks and sounds sooooo amazing and beautiful!!! And the outfits are so gorgeous!!! She and Natali are both so talented‼️🤩😍🎤🎹🎷🎶💄💋👠👝💍👗
  2. This is such a beautiful interview! 🥺🥰
  3. News broke today that Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, has finally been removed from his position as Britney's conservator after 13 years! This comes into effect immediately! Woohoo! 🥳🥳💕
  4. This video is just too cute 🥺💕 One of the most adorable things I've ever seen 🥺😭🥰
  5. Haus Labs replied to a fan asking the same thing on Twitter ❤️ Here's their reply 💜
  6. This is going to be amazing! I hope it's available somewhere else other than Apple Music… my free trial ran out and my parents won't allow me to pay subscription fees to any apps 😭😭
  7. These 2 House of Gucci posters, featuring Lady Gaga as Patrizia Regianni, and Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, have recently been put up at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood! 😍🥰 Source: @ladygagasource on the Telegram app ❤️
  8. If you or your parent(s)/guardian(s) contact all the cinemas in your local area and ask if they have some staff members who've seen it and if they do then ask for their advice on whether they think it's actually worth being rated R or if they think it's suitable for 14 year olds. If they think it's suitable for 14 year olds, they'll probably let you in once an adult goes with you or once you get consent to watch it from a parent/guardian before you go. I'm speaking from experience because when my parents and I were going to see ASIB when it first came out and it was rated 15 (at least where I live anyway), and my little sister was only 11 at the time and little brother was about to turn 10 and my parents rang all our local cinemas to see if they'd be allowed in because we'd have to bring them coz they were too young to be left home alone and the cinema staff told us they could watch it once they were with my parents and once they were mature about the themes ❤️
  9. I agree! And the shades (and of course Gaga herself, as always) are absolutely beautiful! 😍😍
  10. I love these pictures! I wish I could try the champagne (just out of curiosity to see what it tastes like) but unfortunately I can't because I'm underage and won't be of the legal drinking age till late next year 😭🍾❤️
  11. I absoloutely love these posts! It's such a beautiful idea! I've been posting what I did for the 21 days on my Instagram and Twitter, so here are the links just to summarise what I did (The tweet above was meant to say 13 but I typed 12 instead by accident) ⬆️ @MiQuenDroid 🥰🥰 And finally... @danbekim I definitely have to agree with you on what you said in your comment! 🥰 I really enjoyed taking part in this campaign!
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