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  1. It's hard to choose bc they're all so popular 😂😂 Maybe Brown Eyes? Or Gypsy? Or Just Another Day? Honestly, Idk 😂😂
  2. Probably Always Remember Us This Way, although Idk for sure bc it's quite popular tbh 😅
  3. Wow 😲 Honestly, I didn't think she was that big a fan 😳 I knew she liked Gaga because she said so when they met at the 2019 Grammys, but I didn't think she'd even know ILIR & Brown Eyes 😳
  4. Is it the exact one she wore or replicas? At first I thought it was the exact one she wore, but then I read there were different sizes, which led ,e to think they were all replicas, but the fact that the funds are going to the BTWF is still kinda making me think it could be the real one she wore
  5. I'm not fluent in Italian but apparently it means "Good Girl" in Italian, so maybe it's just a general comment as a friend ❤️
  6. No, it was inspired by another forum. But thank you ❤
  7. Hey, just letting you know that I've locked this discussion because its subject is too specific, which is why we don't allow "(Celebrity Name) Discussion" topics on our forum anymore. If Rihanna does something like release a new makeup product or album, you can create topics called "Rihanna Releases (Name of Item)" as it could create engagement on the forum because people will probably want to talk about something new, whereas if Rihanna doesn't release anything new for a while, nobody will want to reply and this topic will become spam. I hope you understand ❤️ There's more information here and feel free to DM me about it if you need to. Thanks 💓
  8. Stunning! Can't wait to see the recorded performance!
  9. Wishing I could see it live 😭😭 Will it be on the MTV channel?
  10. Well, I'm glad she's the most popular artist in New York, but to be honest, I think she deserves to be the most popular artist in the world 😂😂
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