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  1. TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY! They started filming early this morning in Gressoney (Aosta Valley), on the Alps in Italy 🤗 Pics from @taineking ig
  2. Yeah that's not the interview, I can't find it! I've just found out I can watch it on tv tonight, in my country, but can't find it anywhere else online 🤔
  3. Thank youuuu, I'm so curious about this!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing, I'm very interested in learning more about the whole situation 😁 Is the interview coming out tonight, right?
  5. That's what I thought lmaoooo!!!! And I'm almost 26 😩 I refuse
  6. I think there are no songs starting with Z 😂 Let's start again, without repeating the songs: A - Americano
  7. I love the fact they involve so many young people ❤️ Too bad it is open only for people between 15 and 24 years old, I'm 25 🙃
  8. That's horrible... 😩 Is that momentarily? Do they get their accounts back eventually?
  9. I've finally found the time to post my new digital painting here. When Gaga sang the National Anthem I was in love with this picture so I decided to turn it into a painting. I used Clip Studio Paint and a Wacom tablet, hope you like it ❤️ Here's the post on my instagram art account: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLrw3icJha7/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  10. Those Chromatica earringssss omgggggggg I need them!!!!!
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