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  1. I'm glad she is having great times with her loved ones 😍👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🎾
  2. I'm so excited for this era to start!!!! Can't wait!! 🎷🎺🎷🎺🎷🎺🎷
  3. I hope it's true, it would only be in a few days
  4. The fact that she wrote it in Italian 🤣 It’s probably nothing, like always lol
  5. Thanks!!! I do, I have an art account (@giulicooperart), I posted some of my drawings but there are not many.
  6. I hope so!!!! I want news about Love For Sale 😭
  7. Well, if you have to, we will get it!! 💪🏻 I’m a bit concerned about Delta though…I really hope all vaccines covers it!
  8. Omg. Yes, it’s probably twitter removing fake accounts, but aren’t other celebrities, including Gaga, suppose to lose that many followers as well?
  9. Last thing I heard was that Delta variant was spreading pretty rapidly in the UK…..so that doesn’t seem like a good decision 😐
  10. Yes, I think the first trailer of ASIB came out in July and the movie was released in October, so probably between July and August we’ll get the trailer of HOG!
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