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  1. Thanks!!! I hope I won’t have stuff to do that day, so I can be home to stream the album 🤗
  2. 😂😂😂 or maybe someone sent it to her as a gift, maybe her family from Sicily, the ones she met backstage at the Joanne World Tour in Milan!
  3. Totally!! My twitter is @ GiuliaMonster_ Maybe LGN can tweet about it, with the hashtag you mentioned, so we can all celebrate the 10th anniversary. The more we are, the better 😊
  4. Yaaas thanks Tony!! I needed this! 😍 I do have the A Star Is Born DVD Target edition that I got while I was in the US, and I watched all extras while I was there. But unfortunately, I can’t watch it at home, because the “region” in American DVDs is not the same for European DVDs, which means it doesn’t work in my DVD player 🙃 I was aware of this, but I wanted it anyway 😂
  5. Beautiful Trauma (album) is amazing!! I’ve just checked, and yes, she came to Europe with the tour, but not to Italy 🙃 and tbh I would go to see a concert in another country just for Gaga.
  6. That’s true tho 🤣 She can be awesome alone, she doesn’t need other people in her songs 💁🏻‍♀️😂
  7. I love love love it so much!!! Both song and official video 😍 Pink is awesome 💕 and her family is so beautiful!! So basically the new album is just 2 new songs Cover Me In Sunshine and All I Know So Far + some of her old songs Live + two Queen's cover Live. Excited to hear it anyway, her voice is so good! My sister likes her too, and we wanted to go to her concert together a few years ago, but unfortunately we didn't, I think she didn't come to Italy.
  8. Same, I don't really like remixes (there are only a few exceptions), original songs are always better. So if they will release duets it's ok...hopefully some unreleased songs too. July is soon...I thought they were gonna release it in the fall lol
  9. I don’t know who they are 😅 Probably Charlie XCX too! 🤔
  10. 2 months will pass so fast! 🙌🏻 There’s something not so clear to me tho. By remix album, does he mean Remixes of each songs from Chromatica (like the remixes from Born This Way for example), or same songs but with other artists? Or new songs? I’m confused 🙃
  11. I die every time she write or say something in Italian 😭 I love her so much 🥺 She looks gorgeous!!
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