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  2. This video is so cute! I’m wondering the same. And what was it for?? 😭 her voice when she says “little monster” Imagine the collapse in House of Gucci
  3. Yessss 😍 Chromatica getting the attention it deserves!!!
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  5. This is so cute. I'm legit crying. Gaga's such a nice human being oof everyday the need to meet her grows more and more! They were so lucky. And those signatures look so beautiful, especially with the Ti amo 🥺❤️
  6. yes. But i'm so happy that fan got to talk to her as well!
  7. Yeah right? 🤣 It's also way much better when she sign it JUST for you 😍
  8. that's her real signature! not those Z's and and ✅ made by somebody else.. She's so lucky and now to know that she's vaccinated, makes me more than happy!
  9. Hi all!! Yesterday I talked to a fan who met Gaga in Rome a few days ago. We don't know each other, but she was so kind to tell me all about her experience, and I love to hear these kind of stories 😍 and share it with you! Basically what she told me is that she and her friends spent a lot of time waiting for her at the hotel and on set, in the last few months. Of course it wasn't easy to see her, because of covid. Despite this, they managed to meet her last week, when she came back to her hotel from set, at around 9 pm. There were only 4 people (fans) at that time (remember that we sti
  10. omg, they look totally the same! 🤣🤣 EXACTLY
  11. This must be really interesting, I look forward to watch this. I'm very proud of her!! 😍
  12. All these new wax figues yet they still can't get Stefani germotta's face right.
  13. yeah 😂 That make up is so gorgeous on her. I barely wear make up, so if I would wear something like that I would feel so weird, and like you said, I would look like someone punched me 🤣 But I would like to try!!!! Also Gaga's eyes are so beautiful, I'm speechless every time I see them 😭
  14. My anxiety, PTSD, and depression all come into effect when it comes to doing the things that I love. Sometimes it feels like a chore to even get out of bed, let alone do any hobbies. I find that if I force myself to do those things that I enjoy them, but it takes so much of my energy. I am trying to work on regulating my sleep schedule so I can have more time int he day and maybe more energy to fo some new things!
  15. Now that filming is over I am sure Gaga is going to really love to be back home with her family! I hope her travels go well and that she enjoyed making the film. We can probably expect promo to start coming out soon-ish, which will be so amazing. I'm sure they got some great shots of everyone for the film! I may be even more excited for this film than for ASIB- and that's saying a lot! I can't wait for the Gucci era to heat up even more <3
  16. I am honestly really excited about the new Haus Labs product- the lip oil. I really want to get the clear shade, as it looks to be a lot less heavy than a gloss and more for everyday wear. I love their glosses anyway, but a clear shade it so amazing! I think the model who shows it off is so attractive, too! I actually can't handle how amazing she looks! This look is so amazing! I've tried a darker look like this before and I always look like I've been punched, so Sarah did an amazing job with this!
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