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  2. gonna be streaming this all day probably!
  3. Amazing work, as always 💗
  4. Yesterday
  5. Thank you King 🤩🤩🤩
  6. So Gaga Holiday we alredy have them on digital plataforms
  7. The version that we have is the commercial one. I'll ask permission with the owner and I'll keep you updated
  8. JOANNE LIVE COLLECTION RELEASED: 2016-2017 FORMAT: .MP3 DOWNLOAD LINK (need the key): CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD KEY (reply this topic to unlock): [Hidden Content] TRACKLIST: 01 disc with 20 songs.
  9. Time goes by so fast!!! I remember listen to it at the radio in 2009. I can't belive it was 12 years ago, this will be my favourite song for ever
  10. Can you upload please the very Gaga holiday
  11. Last week
  12. .. @itstonybennett & @ladygaga "Love For Sale" For Your GRAMMY Consideration: @itstonybennett & @ladygaga "Love For Sale" For Your GRAMMY Consideration:
  13. Há 12 anos, Lady Gaga se preparava para marcar a indústria musical e toda uma geração ao lançar "Bad Romance". Lead single do "The Fame Monster", o hino faturou 2 Grammys, 7 VMAs e é considerado um dos maiores hits do século XXI.
  14. 23rd October 2016: Lady Gaga gives out signed copies of her new album 'Joanne' at Best Buy in New York City.
  15. Thank you everyone for your votes for this iconic album! Remember we are doing a Joanne Ranking for its 5th anniversary! Vote Now! See you in the next ceremony! Have a great weekend!
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