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  2. Thanks! I baked a cake with frosting the first time a few months ago, the taste was great! The appearance tho... Not so much. It resembled the cake gaga baked for Mark Ronson's sister 😂 I have a picture too. Tbh hers is better. Atleast the frosting stayed on for her. Mine was... A complete disaster 💀🤡 But I baked again a couple of days later with some tips I got and the frosting stayed put and it actually looked good too!
  3. Thank you. Right now there's no chance, but I'll keep waiting ❤️ It's making me appreciate her more though, and I'm becoming more and more grateful.
  4. Yeah. Makes me really sad for her. Poor woman can't have an ounce of a normal day
  5. awww tysm!!! <3 idk yet how to add pictures (i've tried drag & drop but that didn't work, it only shows the 'insert image from URL' option :( but i'll try to insert links from previous twitter posts, i hope it works!) her signature (this was my first tattoo ever, i got it right after i met her the first time): born this way (there's a funny story to this one because i got it on a vacation and there were problems with my phone so i had the artist look up the tattoo template on the internet and he used the wrong one... i still love it though (actually even a li
  6. (Week of Mar 06, 2021) Chromatica is out of the Billboard 200. The Fame places at 142 on in its 234th week on the chart, and at 2 on Dance/Electronic Albums. We already know Chromatica deserved better 💔 but we can’t do nothing about it. It really makes me sad, but we have to move on from the era.
  7. It can be both! most are just "normal" texts but one person wrote a beautiful handwritten letter and another one included their message in their art picture! So it's totally up to you ❤️
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  9. Anytime ❤️✨ This is always great to remember. We all were so proud of her! And I can’t wait to see her happy again with the new movie.
  10. I can not believe it’s 1 years already. 😪 I refuse to... I’m sad she only performed it once. This song deserved so much more 💔
  11. I’m very interested in starting a masters degree in Human Resources. I’m a lawyer and HR is a great option to complement my career, but my dream is to study Human Rights or international law, but non of them are available online in my country. So, I might try Human Resources instead.
  12. I’m so glad by reading everyone’s experience with therapy. It makes me so happy and positive about it. Not all people believe that therapy is the solution for mental health issues. People need to understand this and I hope they will, because mental health illness is something real and serious.
  13. That’s wonderful! Please take pictures! I hope it you’re out successful! Fingers crossed 🤞
  14. I really wish you can reunite with your mom soon❤️✨ These are hard times, but we have to remain positive. She’ll be back to you, don’t worry. Keep talking to her so she can always fell your love everyday.
  15. This happened to me when I stared my music collection. I started with Gaga CDs but then I saw other artists CDs on sale and buy them. But then I felt so guilty and didn’t want them anymore. I’ve tried to sell them, but it’s hard.
  16. PERIOD! It might be a hard, but it’s a lesson you learn. And it makes you to grow or reborn. It’s a new opportunity.
  17. Acroyoga? I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds fun! I’m really looking for relaxing, because can’t sleep well and I’m always tired.
  18. You know how the paparazzi are. They’ll always get a way to take pictures or record videos.
  19. Exactly. I don’t hate her, I do love her totally. I just hope one day she’ll accept me completely ❤️🙏🏻
  20. Thank you so much! Yüyi is so hot 🔥
  21. haha same! It took me time to realise this but now I can see things clearly again
  22. Thanks ❤ Just one or the other or both if we want?
  23. I get you. Parents say their love in unconditional and then go on and make conditions like this. I'm really sorry for you. Hopefully she'll accept you as the way you are with time ❤️
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