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  1. 1. Plastic Doll 2. Free Woman 3. Replay 4. Babylon (Bree) 5. Fun Tonight
  2. Used my 3D printer to print myself to New Zealand and guys Dawn of Chromatica is a bop and so fun to listen to Only problem with it is that the best remix on it, which's Sour Candy, doesn't have Jisoo and Jennie and I think that's kinda rude to them and to BLACKPINK ROM
  3. I do it too! I love songwriting lyrics I don't know if I ever will turn them into actual songs (I want to tho). It's nice to see that helps with your mental health and that you enjoy it. Keep on with it! Share the link I love wiring stories and scripts, and I'm currently "working" in a thriller that I hope I don't forget it in a folder for the rest of my life 😭
  4. 911 deserved way more.. No TRICON this year, no one's on its level
  5. In a recent article, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Michael Polansky are the "real deal" and that Michael loves Gaga but is in love with Stefani The source also told ET that Gaga is happy, inspired and feeling very creative and that NYC has completely recharged her energies! The article also talks about family, future projects and setting down. You can read the full article here
  6. AMAZING. Steven Klein did that! I hope we get a movie poster with the whole cast in it
  7. I don't know what to expect and that makes it more exciting! The posters got me hyped af
  8. I'm glad they're not rushing it. Hope they can make it to other festivals!
  9. https://twitter.com/TheBardiLegacy/status/1417656041651818501?s=20https://twitter.com/TheBardiLegacy/status/1417656041651818501?s=20 What do you think? Do you share fave Gaga songs with Cardi?
  10. Here you have the SOURCE You could choose digital copy or a physical one. It went RIAA Plat. upon release.
  11. Just hours of counting + 1 million digital copies were gifted by Samsung (I think it was Samsung) so no one was going to buy it..
  12. Anti was a smash!! Maybe it's finally happening!!
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