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  1. Amazing work, as always 💗
  2. The concert is now on Lady Gaga's official YouTube channel!
  3. Digitally signed “Love For Sale” albums (all 4 alternate covers) are now available on Lady Gaga’s US store! Key info: "This product features digital replicas of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett signatures and is available only in a digital format for U.S. customers." You can click here to access Lady Gaga's US store
  4. Thank you !!! You snapped with this one, it sounds amazing
  5. I don't think The Times and The Sun are that reliable, at least when it's Gaga. Also this happens literally every World Cup
  6. Lady Gaga has the highest earning store by a female celeb with $15.8 million of income from selling items on her online store. She's #2 in the overall celebrity rank that's topped by Harry Styles ($22.9m). In the overall ranking of celebrities + influencers, Gaga took the #5 place (still the highest female on the list). It costs you $1,656 to be a "Superfan" and buy every item on her store. If you want to check all about the Celebrity Merchandise Index 2021 by NetCredit you just need to click here
  7. 3.4m album sales damn Mediatraffic be like: actually it's 1m units total
  8. 1. Plastic Doll 2. Free Woman 3. Replay 4. Babylon (Bree) 5. Fun Tonight
  9. Used my 3D printer to print myself to New Zealand and guys Dawn of Chromatica is a bop and so fun to listen to Only problem with it is that the best remix on it, which's Sour Candy, doesn't have Jisoo and Jennie and I think that's kinda rude to them and to BLACKPINK ROM
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