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  1. I'm glad they're not rushing it. Hope they can make it to other festivals!
  2. https://twitter.com/TheBardiLegacy/status/1417656041651818501?s=20https://twitter.com/TheBardiLegacy/status/1417656041651818501?s=20 What do you think? Do you share fave Gaga songs with Cardi?
  3. Here you have the SOURCE You could choose digital copy or a physical one. It went RIAA Plat. upon release.
  4. Just hours of counting + 1 million digital copies were gifted by Samsung (I think it was Samsung) so no one was going to buy it..
  5. Anti was a smash!! Maybe it's finally happening!!
  6. I hope they decide this fast. There's no time to lose, Delta variant lowers all vaccines efficacy.
  7. Rick & Morty Courage Billy and Mandy Gravity Falls Scooby Doo Mystery Inc Ed, Edd & Eddy Teen Titans Totally Spies Pucca Luluzinha Turma da Mônica South Park Sorry for the long list but these are my all time favorite cartoons!
  8. Hay guys! How you been? I'm here to update with some content I've watched lately! YOUNG ROYALS (2021) Swedish Mini-series of 6 episodes. "An elite boarding school welcomes Prince Wilhelm, the heir to the Swedish throne, as a new student, forcing the troubled young prince to struggle against his family's legacy while navigating the complexities of adolescence." I believe this series is a game changer in many aspects but mostly on how young gay boys can have a queer Prince tale to watch and picture thhemselves at! I wish I had this when I was younger. Please watch it, you can find it on Netflix and remember for a show to be renewed it isn't about quantity but quality time, this means Netflix cares more about how much time you spend watching than how many people watch it. This is an advice for every show: watch at least 3 episodes. Good and believable setting. Not the most original story but a great one with good written characters. Great production design and music.
  9. WHat do you think guys? Do you think this is happening?
  10. Maybe the best thing that's ever happened to me
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