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  1. This made me realize how iconic this will be. I can't wait it.
  2. I love every Final Fantasy game! But XII is my favorite one. I also play Genshin Impact and Mobile Legends (waiting for Lol to launch tbh). I also love a 2D mmorpg game called Adventure Quest Worlds, I've been playing it for 12 years now (not always ofc). Also love Metin2! Basically if it's an MMORPG then I love it.
  3. That's so nice! Thank you for being part of the community 🥰
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm not really scared of the virus but thinking I can cause the death of others terrifies me. It's nice to read experiences but also weird because there are many different cases so you never know what you'll get in case of an infection 😩 I'm glad you're okay! Stay healthy and safe.
  5. Thank you for this 😭 You're amazing! And the cover is sick.
  6. Look What I Found I'll Never Love Again Telephone The Edge Of Glory LoveGame Eh, Eh Monster O U Speechless Electric Chapel
  7. Los envíos de la tienda de Gaga estaban bien demorados en todo el mundo así que desde LATAM debe ser aún peor. No sé si en México o Brasil hay tienda, capaz que pidiendo desde ellas sea más rápido!
  8. I didn't know she used many samples?? Kings & Queens reminds me of something but I don't know. Anyway, sampling is pretty normal in the industry, Gaga has sampled a ton of songs and I love it, doing great samples is a hard job.
  9. I listen to Gaga since Poker Face mv but really became interested in knowing everything she ever did when Judas music video come out. That's when I became a Monster. So, almost 10 years!
  10. Mine's also her cover of I Wish by Stevie Wonder. Also her Carole King's You've Got a Friend cover.
  11. Merged your thread to the old one that discusses the same topic! My favorite color on her is orange and the old blonde with some purple. Also this one because it's impossible not to..
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