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  1. Yes I cannot wait, we're away currently in Wales in the uk, and the other day put the hot tub on and listened to Love For Sale With a Glass of Porsseco beautiful album ❤
  2. Lady gaga X Ashnikko in Plastic Doll in The Dawn of Chromatica "SQUEEZE ME UNTIL I POP, IVE BEEN BROKEN IVE BEEN DROPPED"
  4. Dawn of Chromatica Art by me I just wish one day ladygaga would notice me 😪 #Dawnofchromatica
  5. Yassssy loooooove getting these so I can design more
  6. Wow thank you so much Here is my version of Dawn Of Chromatica album artwork concept I'm quite proud of this one ⚔ This makes me happy, thank you so much
  7. Thanks I have more upcoming and that's fine with me 😁
  8. Here is another edit I have done for Babylon
  9. I've done something Simular but through art images I have donen
  10. Gaga finally acknowledged Chrimatica the Remix album and Sayis its F***ING FUEGO...🙌🙌🙌🙌
  11. ⚔ Gaga has emerged from the depths of Alice Bay (But We don't know how she got there?) not only remembering the tragedy in her past the Scars On her mind are Replay (Flashbacks constantly) and makes her way to the Capitol to seek help and guidance,then she is caught and Experimented on "Don't Play With Me It Just Hurts Me" Gaga is tortured and transformed into a A.I by the Junkyard Scavengers tribe... Gaga is now Half Robot half human... The Junkyard scavengers decide that what they wanted to achieve they couldn't so Gaga is deemed as the Plastic Doll (Failed Experiment) the inventor then decides there is only one option and to discard of her.... she is thrown into the desert of kindness... where she nourishes and starts to heal herself, Gaga vows revenge on the Junkyard scavengers, at this point its nightfall and Gaga patches herself up..... The next morning She Hears Music (Stupid Love Is Playing) "Now it's time to free me from the shame" All I Ever Wanted Was Love" .... The Story Continues where will Gaga go next .... #Chromatica #kindnesspunks #littlemonsters #Chromaticastory
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