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  1. CAN'T WAIT! I hope this is memoriable for both Tony and Gaga! C2C2 IS COMING!!!!!!!
  2. i'm sorry but i LOVE her older works... they're just so good
  3. Why did we never get that one version of Shallow that was in the ASIB trailer? I love that version so much, I hope they'll be releasing a studio version of it sometime in the future!
  4. i need to watch more gaga interviews i always say im gonna but never get around to doing so :/
  5. 1. What’s your favorite album? Square Up! 2. What’s your favorite song? Forever Young 3. What’s your favorite music video? As If It's Your Last 4. Who’s your Bias? Jisoo! 5. Who’s your Bias breaker? Jennie 6. How did you know about BLACKPINK? They were debuting and they were big because they were a YG group! I got into them in 2017!
  6. not yet but mostly because i already have everything i want :)
  7. i'll always be here, its like if twitter was sane LMAO but yeah, i wish school wasnt such a stress :( EXACTLY! half the time in my lessons, they arent even on the google meet, they just set us work with no help :(
  8. To anyone else who is currently doing online school, how is it treating you? It's been really stressful recently so I haven't been able to come on here as much as I want to :(
  9. zero so far but chromatica ball will be my first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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