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  1. Hello monsters! Next Monday, July 26 at 11 am (CET) they will announce the list of movies that will be presented at the 78th Venice Film Festival! The programme of the Festival will be presented in live streaming on the official accounts of the Biennale Channel on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Can't wait to know if the House of Gucci was submitted and will be presented in Italy! You can check all the information on their official website. Let's manifest it all together
  2. She hasn't dropped an #O fine... maybe she was just drunktweeting
  3. @Matt I am not sure either 🤔 I'm still studying the case xD
  4. Haha I thought about that but 1) she would've said "me"; 2) I put it in capital letters 🤭
  5. I think we never see ourselves for what we really are. We are picky about things that other people don't even notice. I believe it's normal, as we are biased by the perception we have of ourselves. Filters on social media are the easiest and most accessible way to "fix" what we don't like of ourselves (according to our perception). It all is also related to the way we perceive other people's judgments... I know for some people it is harder than for others but free yourselves! I used to care much more about the way I would appear in public than what I do now! I spent a lot of time travelling, met people from everywhere and believe me, when someone has something to tell, people don't pay that much attention to the amount of make-up you are convering your face on or how well-shaved your legs are. If you believe on yourself you automatically start looking more attractive than what you think! Society (and especially small-town realities) tries to impose beauty standards because without them capitalism wouldn't work as well. Here's an example: in the 90s-00s nobody would walk around painting their eyebrows. Today it seems to be one of the must-haves to look attractive. Have you thought about how many brands have started producing eye-brows pencils? I hope you will manage to end the loop, it's worth it! I'm sure you don't need all of those filters, as you can walk through life without them! Paws up!
  6. Hello Monsters!! Gaga has just replied to a fan on Twitter dropping a #l ! Honestly I think she will drop a letter per day until the release of Love For Sale!! If this is right the album should come out on July 30 as we had already supposed. And it all would make sense What do you guys think? Is cryptic Gaga back? 👀
  7. Haha I felt it was just a casual reply but still!!! She's still possessed by Patrizia and I feel she will be for a while 😂 I love ItalianGa though
  8. Thank you! 😘 Don't forget to vote here!! Thank you!!
  9. Thank you so much!! You guys are making me want to draw even more! Haha 😍
  10. Thank you!! Don't forget to drop a positive reaction here 😍
  11. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it 😍
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