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  1. You already know I'm very proud of you 🤍
  2. Aaww thank you so much guys! I'm glad you liked it
  3. Hello monsters! So I've finally decided to share one of my drawings with you guys! I'm usually not happy enough with the result so that's why I never shared them before... I really hope you like it! https://www.instagram.com/p/COL4vKMJLWc/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Can you all understand where I got the inspiration from?
  4. So exciting! Thank you so much!!
  5. This is a good point actually... I agree with you :)
  6. Omg that video is so funny hahahahha Simona was overexcited she LOVES Gaga as you can see hahaha I'm laughing out loud with the captures 😂 Gaga must've gone backstage like "what on earth has just happened??" I'm glad she's still happy to say that she's Italian even after that 😂
  7. I would suggest you to try to breathe with your diaphragm, try to meditate and listen to some relaxing music. It helps me.
  8. Yes they say she will but I don't know... Maybe they will perform from different places... I would love that anyway 😍
  9. Yayy thank you so much!!!!!! 🤩 So happy for this!!
  10. I think you need to use different e-mail accounts 🤔
  11. I like it! LMs got so creative and drew so many great covers for the volume II that they could pick one among our ones!! 😂
  12. Me too! I think at some point she will revisit it and release it! She cares about us 😇
  13. Congrats Adeline! So happy you won it! 🤍
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