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  1. Thank you so much! Yüyi is so hot 🔥
  2. haha same! It took me time to realise this but now I can see things clearly again
  3. I like acroyoga! It's cool and fun and you can do it with someone. I did take some classes of normal yoga and I used to fall asleep on the floor 🤔 so yeah I think it's relaxing haha
  4. At the end of the day, going through a toxic relationship is completely f*cked up but it really helps you grow and teaches you that you must honour yourself, no matters how much you love someone
  5. Aaaw can we see them? 😍 I love them all!
  6. This is such a nice story! I'm so proud of you, too!
  7. Brooklyn Nights, Dancin in circle, The edge of glory, Gypsy
  8. So sorry to hear Tony... I send you a big hug 🤍
  9. Omg we should visit each other's island! There's Gaga's face on my flag 😂
  10. Who plays Animal Crossing here? I've been playing it since I was a kid 🤧
  11. Yeah I read that... they say she was going to do the first photoshoot for the movie. I have no idea 👀 I'm so curious now! Haha
  12. haha true but people could've still tried to get close to her 🤔
  13. That's so nice of you to acknowledge this! I think you should be proud of you as you are 💪🏼
  14. We often talk about sides of us that need fixing or healing (and I think it's great to work on oneself and try to improve every day 🤍) but, what are you proud of yourself for? Are there any obstacles you can proudly say you managed to overcome? Let's share our stories trying to keep it positive so we can inspire each other 💪🏼
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