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  1. Oh my God 😻😻 Thanks a lot for the advice🥺❤ I really appreciate it❤
  2. Oh my god taste😍😍 Oh my god taste bestie😍😍 Your taste😻>>> Taste>>😍😍❤
  3. This look😭😭 The most iconic dress ever😭😭 The most iconic dress ever😭😭
  4. One of my favorite 😍😍 Meat dress is my all time favorite 😍
  5. The Fame - Starstruck and Paper Gangsta The Fame Monster - Dance in the Dark Born This Way - Scheiße , bloody marry , Heavy Metal Lover ARTPOP - Venus Joanne - Dancin' in Circles Chromatica - Babylon and Free woman
  6. As soons as gaga started crying I couldn't stop my self from crying and had to remind myself it was just an MV 😅😅
  7. Ellie and Dina are my favorite couple ever😭😭😭 I love them both
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