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  1. I think TEOG deserved better but I'm also happy YAI got in the top3 AND YES KYLIE ON #1 MY EVERYTHING
  2. the 911 drawings look SO COOL
  3. it looks really cool. you should do all of her eras <3
  4. I never realized how cool the eyeshadows are and how easy they blend. the finish look looks great, I love it
  5. I love both of them and I'm so happy they collaborated in such special song as mtn
  6. I'd be so upset if I was her yeah. they just don't let her live and I hate every second of it
  7. como amg? meu sonho ter um símbolo de cada era
  8. I don't know... there's so much going on right now. there's the love for sale era, the haus labs promo going. and it seems that just lost interest on Chromatica LOL
  9. there could be any chances she did something with sophie to be released on it? I want to listen to their collab so bad
  10. I'm so excited for the new shoot. I think she'll serve classic vibes as she always does when she's brunette
  11. oh, I can't imagine how this collab could turn out
  12. M- Marry The Night A- Americano T- The Edge of Glory T- Telephone
  13. I can't choose just ONE, it's not fair. I love princess die, brooklyn nights, we could be lovers and earthquake so bad
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