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  1. Time goes by so fast!!! I remember listen to it at the radio in 2009. I can't belive it was 12 years ago, this will be my favourite song for ever
  2. I love the new outfits!!! Her voice is so beautiful!!!!!!
  3. It's was amazing. I'm flying on a cloud right nos, i'm so happy and so relaxed. I loved it. I missed her so much
  4. Lady Gaga is on the cover of an english book in her 2019 Golden Globes look. And she is also on a chapter about italian culture in America next to Madona, in her 2019 Met Gala look. It's was funny because all of my friends came to me saying look! There's gaga on the book!
  5. The best part is good but the worst excuse me!!!!! Wtf
  6. I love that Cleo have spraypaint in her hair like in the telephone mv.
  7. One day i was on instagram and i saw a wierd video with lady gaga in a white background, at first i though it was Guy bloopers but i realised it was DWUW. Someone in the comments claimed haking the first half of the video. And after that i saw many radom leaks. So I think it haven't totaly leaked.
  8. Babylon by bree and free women by rina are my favorites i love it! And sine from above is my least favorite, it looks like a blessed madona remix. I also like plastic doll by ashnikko and replay by Dorian electra. I feel every artist were totaly free every tracks is different. Btw do you if the cd would be avaible in stores?
  9. Can't wait !!!! But i don't really trust bloodpop, he changed the date many times, he said for september last time. It's sooner so it's better !!
  10. I didn't heard the leaks, i was too young, so i was very surprised when i heard it the first time at the radio. It was a very unique song. I was so excited for a music video. I remember that my friends who don't like gaga ( i can't belive some people don't like her) were obsessed with applause. Every body likes it.
  11. Then i saw the video with the flashes, i fell so sad for her. People have no respect, she is human, not an object. We all know that this situation can cause panic attacks and pain to her. Plus, she was with her family trying to enjoy after a super emotional moment, people need to understand that celebrities need privacy. This is so sad she was nice to everyone but everything was ruined. And after every body are surprised that she is distant with us.
  12. I would love a rock/ pop/ EDM album with dark vibes like she did in the past with redone and DJWS as producers. I imagine a dark futuristic fashion, like a mix between btw, artpop and chromatica.
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