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  1. I'm not a very good singer So i'm picking Babylon thé lyrics are easy to Lear and the notes are the easiest to reach from her discographie
  2. I think it will be perfect! It's so cute! It Can be possible, let's see!
  3. It reminds me the #F I think it's for Lady Gaga or she do it for nothing special
  4. I really hope that she will be finally free and get the life she deserves. This so sad. She is used by her own familly for Money!!!
  5. Hi! This is my submission, I made this drawing for the contest but i didn't finish it so edited the Babylon towers. My drawing represents a journey through Chromatica starting with Alice Bay, passing by the Kindness dessert, the Capitol and the Mother's peak to finish with Babylon. I use the @GagaXCollection scans the Trifold as references and inspiration. Hope you like it!
  6. I heard that a vinyl seller said that it was a great quality and it would sound very good. Maybe that's why
  7. Did someone know if the btw 10 anniversary merch (the new with heavy metal lover shirt, the new hoodie ect..) is avaible in an other country? When i tried to go to the us website to see the merch, it opens the french website with only the 3 t-shirts end the hoodie. I wonder why it's not worldwide.
  8. I love her tutorials. She gave us flash back, i love it. She is so talented I love her tutorials. She gave us flash back, i love it. She is so talented
  9. It will start with chromatica I and Alice. I imagine one act per tribes. For the kindness punk one, it will finish with stupid love, Bad Romance and perfect illusion. For the official one, goverment Hooker ofc! For the spirituals one, Enigma and fun tonight. And i have no ideas for the others for the moment. I think it will end with Babylon or 1000 doves.
  10. I have seen a lot of unreleased songs disappearing especialy from artpop act II 🤔
  11. I'm so sad i triés to connect but it doesn't work . It's only works for Spotify premium accounts.
  12. This is heartbreaking. I'm so sad. She went through so many things and she stills so kind and kept going on. It's incredible how she came back from this. We love you.
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