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  1. This is so good, it's looks like real merci! I would buy the Babylon and Alice one
  2. It's crazy how this little change make the song fresher, it's more catchy
  3. It's so cool, honestly it's the best poster I've ever seen for the house of gucci!! I love the details and the darkness!! Good job!
  4. It's the first time i heard this two. They hit different. They both feels hauting, dark and mysterious. Thanks for sharing
  5. I think you're right. It will be like dance in the dark in France: no music video but heard on radio.
  6. This day is insane!!! Djws and lady Gaga ackniledged the petition and ARTPOP #1 on iTunes in many countries. This is a dream Interscop retweet lady gaga tweet!!!!!
  7. I think you're right with the Trifold. But yellow was used for rain on me vinyle and merch🤔🤔
  8. I can't believe this is happening !!! This is crazy!!! I'm so happy. I don't think we will her a full album but i'm sure something will happen! This a fantastic day as a little Monster !! When is the end of the housse of Gucci shooting?
  9. It's her in the second with the white lace dress
  10. Do you think she will talk about ARTPOP ACTII at the chromatica ball? Or even sing an unrelease song?
  11. It's happening! The Fnac was right free woman is the new single. Maybe it's like eh eh it will be a single only in france. Tell us!! I can't wait
  12. I didn't except her to react i'm so happy!! ARTPOP is finally getting what it deserves!!!!
  13. What do you about remix in general? I think a good remix must keep a little bit the structure of the original song and lyrics. I dont like when it just adds bass or smth els and change Nothing or change too much the song and you don't roconize it. I love "Lady Gaga the remix", my favorite are love game feat Marilyn Manson, boys boys boys Manhattan Clique remix, Bad Romance starsmith remix and many others. What is your favorite gaga remix? I don't think all the 911 remixs are good. And you?
  14. The posters look so sick. I love to see how people are invest it makes me so happy. I would love that ARTPOP act II will have Sprache, Princess Die, Tea, Nothing on but the radio and ofc Brooklyn Nights on its tracklist. I can't wait to Hear new songs. I Hope gaga will react to the petition
  15. Thanks for warning us. I don't understand why people do that. It's crazy how many Fake accounts there are. If i Saw one i will report
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