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  1. I usally choose hermost knowed by everyone like Bad Romance, born this way... And then depending on the person and style i show not very famous songs.
  2. I'm so happy! I was so sad. The family is complet now. I Hope gaga can see them as soon as possible. She needs some support. I hope Ryan will revover soon. I also Hope everyone can heal and move on, it's going to bé long and difficult.
  3. I can't belive it. I'm so sad. How cruel is it!! When gaga wasn't in los Angeles. This is horrible. I hope Ryan will recover and Koji and Gustavo will be find soon.
  4. Thanks i think it was the one that i did. This one is so long!
  5. Thank you so much bestie !! This help me for my future purchases
  6. I love CBS for the fact that she talk about her darkness, beast1 was really long and interresting and I love the fact that she did a interview for almost one radio for each country.
  7. It's my favorite moment si funny, just iconic!!!! I love love game too but they changed the lyrics
  8. I love the fact that after this amazing performance, they made "The Sound of Gaga" to thank her. I love it
  9. I never test haus lab but i would love to but some glam attack. I would love skincare products, brushes and Fake lashes ! I can't wait to see what's new! For the people who tested it, what's the best product for you? The most unique
  11. I think her speaking voice often change like her singing voice. Maybe because of the Era or the selfconfidence. I agree with you i never think about smoking but i'm sure if altered her voice. It so deep now
  12. I don't think is bad. He is not the best gaga producer. I think he is better with others artists
  13. I really like RedOne, and i agree with you with bloodpop.
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