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  1. Yeeees!! Thank you! + It would be a fun and new way to play overplayed songs without taking too much space in the setlist!
  2. Here's mine, and YES, I take those SERIOUSLY Chromatica I 1. Alice 2. Stupid Love Short video Interlude 3. Venus 4. Fun Tonight (Short Version, ends with "You love the paparazzi, love the Fame" line, going into the next song) 5. The Fame Medley (The Fame/Just Dance/Poker Face/Paparazzi/LoveGame) Non-stop mix in the style of Chromatica 6. Free Woman Chromatica II 7. 911 8. Plastic Doll 9. Sour Candy 10. Scheiße Interlude 11. Enigma 12. Aura 13. Applause 14. Bad Romance 15. Born This Way Chromat
  3. FINA-F*CKING-LLY!!! I'm SO happy right now!! See y'all in Paris and London!
  4. THANK YOU!!!!! Is that version my favorite ever? No Do I need to whine about it on all social medias because Gaga did exactly what she said she would? ABSOLUTELY NOT I swear this fanbase is EXHAUSTING. It's not like the original version didn't exist anymore ffs I can see either Trixie Mattel, Orville Peck or Lil Nas X for BTW, since it's the Country Road version. All three are gays, so they'd fit!
  5. According to addictiontovinyl on Insta, a vinyl is also coming soon! (They have an AMAZING track record, there were the first to reveal the Chromatica RSD edition)
  6. I 100% expect them to wait the very last minute and announce it last week of June, just like they did last year.
  7. WHAT. A. QUEEN. I can't wait for her solo debut!! -R- was cute, but I know she's just going to DESTROY us.
  8. Last year they announced the postponement 28 days before, so I'm guessing it'll be fairly similar this time around sadly.
  9. Omg the lightning… Promoting LGN without even knowing, a legend truly
  10. Okay I've read that he often "cleans" his social, so maybe that's just that? But if not, agree, that doesn't sound too good…
  11. Hi guys! I've decided to downside a bit my Gaga collection for various of reasons, so I'm selling quite a bit of releases, here's the full list if some of you are interested! (the UK cassette got sold in the meantime) You can contact me via PM or on my Instagram!
  12. The listening party, Chromatica TV, the Chromatica Ball and iHeart Radio, Rose Bowl and Coachella performance were 100% confirmed. Not sure about the BBMA and the talk shows things, but they're probably true. I hate this SO much. Hopefully the tour will be postponed and they'll reschedule some of that to promote the album before next summer, but I'm not holding my breath.
  13. And meanwhile in France a lot of people that age WANT to be vaccinated, but can't yet, despite of all the doses available. A whole ass mess.
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