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  1. I'm SO happy with this cover, thank you so much!
  2. The Bree Remix is a separate one from the Haus Labs version ;)
  3. Awesome! 💕 A PROFESSIONAL thread mama!! I'm keeping an eye open for Asian editions, at this point they're the only ones missing I think!
  4. Summer… 2022 Just kidding, I'm SO excited! Love for Sale and Gucci are very exciting too, but pop content will always be more exciting to me lol But I'm SO grateful we're getting all of this at once! After months of nothing we're finally getting fed!
  5. Well yeah. They're always pre-recorded and released later on. It takes time to edit it, create physical releases, etc etc We'll probably get more info when the album is released!
  6. Oh that's a cool feature! I wish Apple Music would also do all times "Replay", and not just yearly! (I'm currently at 62 hours for 2021, and 194 hours last year)
  7. I don't think that one was available to everyone in HD? 🤔
  8. Completely baffled that both jazz era gets professional recordings while her pop eras are left to rot in our fading memories 🤡 That being said, I'm really excited to see it, it's going to be an emotional one for sure!
  9. No wonder. It's already insane to me that the movie is still planned for a November release. I REALLY feel for the editors 😅
  10. Oh great idea! There's also Rina Sawayama, Doss (Enigma remix by the looks of it), Bree Runway and Pabllo Vittar! I only know Rina's music from that list, so I'll let those who are more familiar with these artists comment, but for Rina I'd recommend these songs:
  11. From the confirmed names we have, it's going to be VERY experimental and VERY gay! Can't wait! (If we actually get it one day… itsbeen84years.gif)
  12. @giayeah I tried puting it in capital letters after posting 🤡
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