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  1. Can't wait for the link, thank you so much!
  2. Yeah, considering she has two movies and a jazz album coming up, that's probably the safest bet! And same, I'd GLADLY be proven wrong
  3. Me too… I honestly don't get why she's not trying to make the era happen (well, obviously not NOW since she's filming her movie, but before that) since while the pandemic is still there, loooots of artists found ways to perform anyway. Maybe she doesn't feel like it's worth to invest too much energy when she has other projets coming up, I don't know. I guess we'll never know for sure haha But I agree, I would love to see them both do the song justice, the VMA were incredible, I want more
  4. Oh I agree, I don't see her doin' it either. Not because she's better than that, because she's not. If Kylie did it so successfully, and with that many years of carreer behind her, or if Dua, a relative newcomer could break the record for most virtual tickets sold, Gaga isn't above that. It's another way to keep your album alive. But I just don't see it putting herself anymore into the era. We still might get the remix album, but that's probably about it. As for Gucci, it won't be before November IF COVID doesn't f*ck up their plans. Editing a movie takes time, I'm genuinely surprised that'
  5. I don't agree. For sure, the connection and interactions with the audience is the best part, and NOTHING will replace that. But that's the thing, an online performance is not made to replace it, it's its own thing. It would allow her to do WAY more than a live show, because she could re-do every part she felt doesn't work, she could include 3D/VR elements to it, etc. She could also have all the features of the album participating, while it would be way more complicated over the tour. Chromatica has to potential to be her most visual album, and yet it somehow ended up being one of th
  6. Yeah I'm 100% sure they won't perform. They had so much opportunities to do so, and we saw what they did with them But I hope they'll win the song of 2020 deserves!!
  7. "Yet" being the keyword here. I'm so pissed at the situation… Weither it's a cancellation or a postponement (even though it was pretty clear from the start a cancellation was more likely) how can they let us waiting like that? I know it's not easy, but it's a SIX dates tour, in three countries. Meanwhile almost every major acts already announced what they were going to do, and if they didn't, they let their fans know that they're working on it. And we're talking about A LOT more dates worldwide (Dua, the Weeknd & Pet Shop Boys come to mind first) Meanwhile, we have ✨ nothing ✨. And it
  8. Y'all better be streaming! I'm spinning my Remix vinyl as we speak 💖
  9. Oooh buying online is another story. They'll be available for sure, but probably more expensive :/ Your country doesn't participate in the RSD?
  10. Why? This is the best new possible! Everyone will get one without problem! It could have been 2000/3000 copies, or even less! I know it's stressful and all, but 11000 for a vinyl is a very good number, trust me ;)
  11. That's just the RSD edition, the one available everywhere is black. And while I agree yellow isn't the most obvious choice, it still is part of the era! (The yellow tribe, the free woman cover art, ROM vinyl, etc)
  12. It's really beautiful!! I'm a bit sad that that it's so short (and that they didn't use Babylon), and it's probably our last Chromatica related video, but still, ShowStudio and Nick Knight really outdone themselves! That being said, the fact that they used FW, when Fnac said that it will be the new single.. 🤔 (But it probably will just like Valentino)
  13. Slighlty off topic, but the 3D animation is REALLY cool, kudos to the artist!
  14. All previous pictures were posted at 6pm Central European Time!
  15. Here's my dreamlist (some might be weird but I don't care haha) Alice (Woodkid Remix, à la Born To Die remix, very dark and dramatic) Stupid Love (Remixed by and featuring Yelle) Free Woman with Kesha Sour Candy (Extended, remixed by Teddy Park, Lisa and Jennie rapping) Enigma (Broadway musical/Theatrical re-recording) 1000 Doves (piano ver. feat. Lana Del Rey) Babylon with Madonna I feel like Bloodpop is trolling tho, or at least doing that to get attention on him rather than that ARTPOP thing, the timing is a bit weird, but I'm 100000% here for a remix
  16. Yeah the song will just be used in the trailer of the movie. Still, that's good for them, get that promo haha
  17. And here's FINALLY the Gone MV!
  18. 8 hours before we found out NEVERMIND. The official page of the movie adaptation of the manga tweeted the same thing, so it's most likely just Rain On Me being used in the soundtrack.
  19. Okay so the image is actually from a manga. Maybe the mangaka will draw a Chromatica/ROM manga? That would be really fun!
  20. Well, Gaga and Ariana's official Japanese Twitter account are teasing something coming tomorrow at 7AM (JST). Maybe a reissue of the album? 🤔 What do you think it will be?
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