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  1. OMG this is so hard! I feel like at least every song deserves 5/5 in vocals, and the production is so good.
  2. I hope so, even if she releases it like Miley's "Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz" when it was free to download, that was nice.
  3. I feel like last Gaga's tweets about ARTPOP are saying "ok thanks for caring about that project but stop it, I don't want to refresh that sh*t"
  4. Hi guys! It is my first post in the forum so I hope I don't f*ck it up Ok, I did it and posted it on the Question Board instead of Forums how do I delete it?
  5. I need Babylon ASAP, and I can't expect more than one single for Chromatica, so it must be BABYLON.
  6. When I met her in Barcelona! Well, I actually didn't, but I waited out of her hotel and we all ran after her car. It had to stop on a traffic light, so she opened the door and signed some autographs
  7. Spanish (as I'm from Spain), English and Catalan :)
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