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  1. Yep! They're a more active forum than LGN but again it doesn't matter, as long as they're both free of intolerance.
  2. Yeah it's insane what's going on with them. They had the huge racist scandal last year where the Admin was exposed for his intolerance, along with many mods. Now they're sporadically banning more people. Some of them are going to popa911, others are coming here, it doesn't matter though. Even if we're a much smaller community we're a much more welcoming one
  3. I see my extended family in May when my grandpa turns 90, my family is going down to Alabama for the party
  4. if i'm being honest i like the layout of this one a lot better than popa911, I hope more people will join here considering how many followers LGN has on Twitter
  5. Love seeing you here as well as on Popa911!
  6. I want new music tbh. She doesn't even have to record anything else, just release the Boyz Noise and SOPHIE tracks
  7. I also like some metal/rock bands like Within Temptation and Halestorm
  8. I stan Carly, Dua, Rina, Florence, BANKS, Tove Lo, Grimes, and Slayyyter in addition to Gaga. What about you guys?
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