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  1. LG1 - Starstruck LG2 - Monster LG3 - N/A LG4 - Gypsy LG5 - Dancin’ In Circles or Diamond Heart LG6 - Alice or Babylon or Sour Candy
  2. 1. She is over. 2. She is not attractive. 3. She isn’t talented.
  3. I believe the issue is mainly with Gaga no longer using it.
  4. Yes she definitely a kind person. Next time I just wanna spend more time getting to know her like in a club or party setting where’s she just having fun.
  5. Absolutely beautiful performance! Anyone who has something negative to say is deaf, blind, or a hater.
  6. Honestly not a fan of this outfit. It just doesn’t fit the theme of the video. Now maybe SL but not ROM.
  7. @Matt amazing news and congrats once again!
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