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  1. Due to her health condition, logically the setlist would be 22-25 songs. No specific order but I can strongly see: Alice Stupid Love Rain On Me Free Woman 911 Plastic Doll Enigma Replay Sine From Above 1000 Doves Babylon Million Reasons Applause Born This Way The Edge of Glory Bad Romance Telephone Alejandro Just Dance Poker Face Love Game Paparazzi *Sour Candy would be an interlude. *Monster, SHICD, Sexxx Dreams would make great fan favorite additions.
  2. I remember and attended. May 2014 - NYC show
  3. Sour Candy video ship has sailed imo.
  4. Honestly too much to explain in one post.
  5. I’d be afraid to live on Chromatica.
  6. My life has been a mess tbh.
  7. First of all I’m glad we have a Beyoncé discussion. Secondly, that Gaga edit.
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