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  1. Wow! Thank a lot @Tony . I honestly never thought I would get a response but I now can confirm you guys rocks! Thanks for this awesome space and for the kindness space this website spread.
  2. Hi there @Tony / @Matt! I was wondering if there's a possibility to get the new Spotify Vertical videos for Born This Way. I checked @Gaga Archives but could`t find them so, I assume they´re still not available. Thank for this awesome space!
  3. Love it, thanks a lot. I am obsessed with this Media Center Section. I wish I coud have a powerful PC with inlimited storage
  4. It is well known that Mr. Google auto-generate the info from many sources. For instance: the Chromatica Ball date in Brazil was originally created on last.fm by the user @netunoboy, so Google index that info making by recognizing the words 'lady gaga, chromatica ball, 2021'.
  5. I love this site. Instead to watermark all their content and restrict it only for themselves, they've decided to share always all Gaga content with the fans.
  6. I would love to hear Gaga's song 'Paradise' in this project!
  7. New Gucci fashion vibes are coming! ItalianGA will definately slayy
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