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  1. thankssss yasssss exactly ashahaha tyyyyy
  2. Hey LMs, I created this topic to show you some of my Lady Gaga's evolution videos. Let me know what you think and maybe suggest new songs below!
  3. i think he means the picture discs from btw... from that box ahahah not the ordinary vinyl
  4. Its a pity i allready have it ahahah :(
  5. Well im going to paris... But yes i see your point! Let's be patient and wait for news!
  6. Hous labs is a great brand! I'm a boy who doesn't wear makeup so i hope they release a ffragrance someday hahahaha what about you?
  7. The answer is simple. NEW STUFF IS COMING! She never left us alone. She's always there. We just have to be patient!!
  8. ahhahah i am kidding! I dont quit easy ahahah im kiddinggg ahahah omg Do you think the store will be online again?
  9. yeah... Omg i was in 1st place and you guys came from nowhere and supressed me ahahah ill give up on the giveaway hahaha i dont have that much free time
  10. I wasnt even for sale here!!!!! :(
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