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  1. Surfing the internet, specifically on Twitter, I saw that there are rumors that point to a presentation of Lady Gaga, tonight in Times Square (NY). Do you think that is possible? As we know when there are leaks of old Gaga songs, it is because she is planning something... Is it possible that tonight I will make an appearance and sing some songs of chromatica?
  2. Hi! My name is Hugo, i'm from Paraguay. Nice to meet you @ros. It's great when parents love the artist too. I have been a monster since 2009 and at the beginning my mother did not like me to listen to that type of music, but over time she liked it
  3. Of course you are not the only one, unfortunately they have not yet confirmed that there are more dates for the tour, which for Monsters like me who are from Latin America, is quite bad.. But in other circumstances, I suppose so, seeing Gaga again or for the first time it gives us a lot of stress since we will have to prepare a budget since we will be in another country.. At least when Gaga came to Paraguay (the country where I live) I didn't have so much trouble because I'm from the capital, but several friends did have these difficulties.
  4. Honey, i don't think that is possible... in any case, let's ask Matt, find his account and send him a DM :)
  5. oh! I had not seen it in the gallery, that's why I thought about publishing it... Thanks @Pabllo
  6. GAGA PLACE has uploaded images in UHQ quality of the photo shoot made by Arielle Bobb-Willis & Raul Romo for the Voce Viva advertising campaign. Download the photo shoot made by Arielle Bobb-Willis here Download the photo shoot made by Raul Romo here
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