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  1. She deserves the best because she is the best 💗I’m So happy for her 💗
  2. This is so sweet thank you so much Giula for sharing this i love it <3
  3. i love it and i love the symbolism ..the curtain on his face and the shot..so perfect
  4. the person with the red dress on looks like Rossy de Palma ...maybe i'm wrong
  5. Thank you Matt .ther're always fake people all over the world and that sucks ..thank you for telling us
  6. OMG what a masterpiece ! so beautiful , so poetic so artistic ther're no words to express my feelings . I love every thing every detail it's magic Thank you so much
  7. i love this amazing picture so much I love Lady Gaga so much i love Dom Perignon so much .Perfect symbiosis ...
  8. it's so beautiful! bravo i love it
  9. OMG your drawings are so amazing , so beautiful , so artistic .They just blew me away .Thank you for sharing <3
  10. Thank you Giulia , you make me feel better I hope everything will be ok and I am so sorry for the quarantine ..that virus sucks so much .. Take care of you ... do you know if Michael is still there with her ? im sorry for the stupid question lol
  11. since something has changed , my aplication is still working on my cell phone but there's an error when i want to go to the forum
  12. I have heard that Italy could be on quarantine again from Monday ..i don't know if it's true anyway she looks so great i can't wait to see this movie and i hope she will be recognized as one of the best actresses
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