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  1. Than you so much for sharing .i love your post .the fact is i have never seen her that happy ..Thank you Michael
  2. I love what you're doing .it's beautiful
  3. he has a sideway glance like if he was upset at something or worried ...i mean its not a usual look..it could explain..at least i hope lol
  4. Thank you for your post and for the link :)
  5. he looks like him same way of dressing, same hands same face ..really i can't even imagine there's another guy dressed that way especially at that kind of luxury hotel lol ..that would be so great if it was him
  6. Thank you so much for sharing this .I love both of them and we need people like them in this world .I love Gaga for being such a beautiful Heart
  7. i have been listening to it every day and i have the same emotion than the first time .that covid could have destroyed it for ruining every plan regarding this album...but it still there and still winning . and it's not over
  8. what a very touching tweet .she is so sweet ..a part of her Heart remains in Italy .well now it's my turn ..yes I'm crying
  9. you are so right .she loved being among you and yes she knows where she comes from and where she belongs now ..Be proud and be Happy .All of you in Italy are living in her Heart forever now <3 <3 she will never forget her wonderful stay and all the love you gave her <3 she is a Queen .Lei è una Regina <3
  10. she will come back Giulia...and for the best <3
  11. Thank you so much you are the best <3
  12. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful and touching story..The jacket he made with love and passion is wonderful
  13. i love your short flm. it's so beautiful and so artistic as our Gaga is .Thank you so much it's beautiful <3
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