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  1. I just finished Fate : The Winx Saga on Netflix, as a big winx fan when i was young i watched it cause i was curious, and if u watch the perspective of watching a brand new story instead of a remake it's actually really good, loved everything about it so excited for season 2, so yeah haha watch it
  2. TAMISHAAA IMAN IS COMING FOR YOU TO SHOW THE GIRLS WHAT I CAN DO mamaaaa i love you, but gigi embodied Madonna something Jan didn't manage to do, she was great but idk it was 'Jan' u know over the top as always....
  3. drama is necessary i mean they're drag queens lolz it's not best friend's race where evryone is kind and bkabkabka we need to be entertained haahahahaha
  4. Episode 2: I liked the episode, got to know the queens more, i was so touched by mik's story. The challenge was a big mess, compared to the season 12 one for example, there was a lot going on the verses weren't memorable and the song was A CHOICE. Symone and Olivia deserved their top position even to that lipsync was kinda weak i hate tina and kandy(i don't understand a word of what she's saying) i just want them to get tf out.
  5. i'm from Algeria, the biggest country in Africa hah
  6. you can't kick out the best member here i fear
  7. SPOILER ALERT the production understood that the fans don't want queens to go home that early so they get to know them better, no queen is going home til episode 4
  8. it's been 7 months since the album was released and she didn't do anything except the VMAs that she HAD to do...i gave up on this era tbh it's disappointment after disappointment
  9. everyone forgets that our girl is super lazy hahahahaa
  10. Cause i always spill king I KNOW RIGHT???!!!! Denali literally ATE that lipsync she served Charisma, Moves and gags love her
  11. thank you for sharing too, i'm sure the gym will help you A LOT as it helps me too i forgot to mention it hahahaaha , keep going you are loved and thanks for being brave <3
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