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  1. I know that, and I’m truly sorry about this. But at the end what I’m saying is that this is the last day of this week’s reward and there has been thousands of spam comments made since the beginning of the week by the top 3 of the week. Yet I have not heard anything from you, or haven’t seen a change on the score board about those people who literally have been cheating for days. I don’t want to sound disrespectful, I am sad because of the situation I’m in, and I honestly apologize to you for that. But like I said, I wish you were there when some users were making hundreds of comments too by using single emojis, or just saying “ikr”, “ily”, “I agree”... those were literally the same things with the reactions which I am disqualified for using. I am sorry, I don’t want to waste your time anymore... but I will say that though I am disqualified, I definitely don’t think I was the cheater in this group.
  2. I totally respect your decision. I just wanted to let you know that this is not about the competition. As a fellow monster and a human, I just think that what’s unfair is applying the rules to certain group only. I am sad that this happened and I totally respect your decision. But the rules were broken hundreds of times by other users, and like many others I have shared many personal stuff here, I haven’t witnessed anyone being warned for spaming. Instead I am disqualified because I am trying keep up with the spaming... Again I respect your decision, but just know that this wasn’t about just winning. There were multiple ways to cheat, this way my way to keep up with other’s cheating.
  3. Just make it clear, the accounts are not made by me. I have asked some of my monster friends to join the site. Though, I am sad to see that you didn’t warn any of the +150 comments made by some other users that were definitely out of topic and responses with emojis... Last time I checked you were warning those who were doing this. There are literally thousands of irrelevent comments on Mental Health section, I am very sad that some very important conversations are lost because of the irrelevant comment load. I didn’t want to butcher this site by stupid and funny instead I wanted to use the help of my monster friends... I hope you understand...
  4. I agree with you, meditation and relaxation of any kind is necessary
  5. I wish we had something to do about it
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