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  1. Free Woman is a little too "cheap and simple" as the album title and doesn't fit the aesthetic of the album
  2. ty for the compliments btw I hope so too but I'm pretty sure there will be one😌
  3. I made a collage of Tony and Gaga throughout the C2C era like "a trip down to the memory lane" and make it a album artwork for their upcoming album. <3 *Credit to anyone who came up with the title*
  4. The way this pop up right after the news omg?
  5. I heard there's a chance for getting a free oreos so let's see...
  6. No hate but can't believe they did something before gaga ever since the song dropped
  7. Tbh I don't think this is happening unless something shifted but I also feel like her team don't want this go to waste....it'll be so weird if they push it to summer 2022 tho...
  8. Kinda wish they make it available in Asia so i can get it in a regular oreo price instead of the overpriced resell online
  9. Bree Runway, Rina Sawayama and maybe The Weeknd too And hope we will get to hear that Sophie collab one day...
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