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  1. Hi! here's my submission, I always have some visual ideas for Alice in my head so I decided to make this poster specially for this contest. Hope you guys like it! 💗
  2. Not gonna lie "Night and Day">>>>>
  3. thankssss can't wait for the other eras'
  4. wth we gonna do this when there's a spammer spamming the forum (not the ptsd lord) and they're making their way to the leaderboard? 😕
  5. Love the album tracks better than this but HEYYY WE HEA!
  6. Really have no idea when will this album rollout happens, cause we got BTW Reimagined otw and a possible summer release for Chromatica Remix then later this year we got Gucci and Top Gun🤔🤔
  7. I'm so jealous bc i couldn't go for a haunt and get it in person...but it look so good!!
  8. Any LOONA stan? 😳😳
  9. yeah lmao most of the pics are just behind the scenes unlike gucci
  10. I really feel like watching the whole entire movie by looking at the paparazzi pics...i don't remember asib had this many pics😭😭
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