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  1. Chromatica Merch Concept made by @kkkwanzzz on Instagram. 'Sour Candy' Tie-Dye T-shirt (front) 'Sour Candy' Tie-Dye T-shirt (back) 'Rain On Me' Tie-Dye T-shirt (front) 'Rain On Me' Tie-Dye T-shirt (back) 'Babylon' T-shirt (front) 'Babylon' T-shirt (back) 'Alice' T-shirt (front)
  2. Now I have something new for my phone's lock screen <3 .Thank you.
  3. OMG thank you guys so much. Never thought that I would receive this much support from our community. Thank you. Your opinion is very useful for me to work on the next projects. Waittt, what's your @ on instagram hun?
  4. Thank you. It's my first post here. Great to see some support <3 <3
  5. HOUSE OF GUCCI the truth unveiled.... fanmade poster by me (@kkkwanzzz) I got the idea of doing this when the first pictures of the BTS were dropped. I tried my best to recreate the vintage vibe for this poster. Hope you all liked it. THE PROCESS GAGA CLOSE UP Don't forget to leave a like on my original post on Instagram (@kkkwanzzz). Thank you all so much. <3
  6. Hi guys, banned from GGD's Facebook page. I'm new here.
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