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  1. Not to be mean but I want the Enigma dates to be over once and for all not because I hate it or anything but because I don’t like her eras overlapping πŸ˜‚
  2. I checked and after these announced performances she still has to do 26 more dates in Vegas. She could still extend the contract though.
  3. Does anyone know how many dates were stated in her contract?
  4. But I want a whole album that has hip hop trap and R&B 😩
  5. 1. 911 2. Sine From Above 3. Alice 4. Rain On Me 5. Stupid Love 6. Sour Candy And I won't accept another result 😌
  6. a) Heavy Metal & Punk (I'd say Rock too but she already kinda did with Born This Way) b) Disco & Funk c) R&B, Trap & Hip Hop Off topic but idk how to make a thread: can anyone help me find the GagaImages album where the images from the Paper Magazine 2020 livestream are please?
  7. She can ditch A LOT of the songs on the original setlist in favour of Rain on me, Stupid love, Sour candy, 911 and Enigma.
  8. Wow the new aesthetic is litty 😌
  9. The Fame Born This Way The Fame Monster Chromatica A Star Is Born Joanne Artpop
  10. I remember there was an album in GagaImages of the Enigma interlude stills but I can't find it. Could someone please post it? Thanks!
  11. I can't access it or even find it at all but when I google it it's there. Anyone else having this problem?
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