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  1. I loved her so much. her 2018 full album made me happy and hopeful while struggling on my personal issues. I loved her artistry, I loved her authenticity, I loved her unique way of making music. and she kinda inspired me on following a path to become a music producer. i hope she rests in piece and can be very happy wherever her beautiful soul is๐Ÿ’”
  2. i just love LOOVE the high budget production of the paper magazine one......god imagine if she shoot a music video with frederik heyman? and the billboard one...simply LOVE the color palette, the outfit, the hair and the makeup....a SERVE
  3. OMGG I REMEMBER....my whole tl was FREAKING OUT that day....some of them was hating and others was loving it (like me i LOVEEE this outfit) and when the song itself leaked.....i listened to it the whole day while playong games ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. omgggg THANK YOU....i LOVE this photoshoot, especially that photos with the crimpled hair....i wish she use this hair in an album photoshoot or music videos some day
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