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  1. A Madonna collab would be amazing. Imagine if Gaga got Madonna to hop on a Babylon remix now that they’re on good terms. They could even poke fun at how it sounds like Vogue. Would be the perfect collab since the song talks about gossip and ripping songs 💀
  2. I know she said something similar during the Haus Labs launch party meet and greet, when a fan told her that her friend couldn’t make it inside. Maybe that’s the video you’re talking about? It’s not old by any means but maybe that is the video you’re thinking of.
  3. I have quite a few Gaga store displays, I have two CD stands from Barnes and noble from when Cheek to Cheek came out, and I also have a Joanne CD display from there as well. I also have the huge Versace poster from Sunglass Hut back in like 2013. Does anyone else have any interesting store displays? I love collecting them. I still really want one of those huge Fame perfume bottle store displays 😭 side question: I want to get my hands on one of the Valentino perfume displays/ posters currently at Macy’s but I don’t want to go through the hassle of calling them to ask them to give it to
  4. I’ve been to the artrave twice, saw Gaga perform at a joe biden rally in 2016 (idk if that counts) joanne world tour twice, enigma opening night, and then once at jazz and piano, and enigma another three times. So in total I’ve seen Gaga perform about 10 times and I’m so grateful 🥺 I would have seen the monster ball and the btwb too but I was too young back then with no money 💔
  5. I would LOVE more dolls... Gaga has so many iconic looks that would be so amazing to have a miniature version of. I collect figures so I would literally DIE if Gaga released another doll. I went crazy when she released zomby Gaga and got 2 of them. I still really wish her bratz doll collab actually happened 😭
  6. This era had so many amazing things planned I could cry... we were about to be FED 😭 I wonder if we would’ve had a visual for every song on chromatica :(
  7. Anyone else order a signed chromatica poster? This has been the longest Gaga has ever taken to sign something it makes me wonder if the orders are just going to end up getting canceled 😶 the signature better be good since we waited like 7 months
  8. Anyone know where I can get my hands on the wood shaving dress pieces gaga wore during the ARTPOP era? Ive been on the lookout for one but I can’t find any for a reasonable price:
  9. I usually order my merch from either eBay or Discogs! I’ve gotten a lot of rare merch for super cheap by checking them every morning for new items lol
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