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  1. just can't wait for it...it would be a whole "club" thing and we will dance
  2. yeah it's rumored that "rain on me" would be Arca's song!!!!
  3. yeah, mix of modern technology and ancient style!
  4. @nathanisblogging yeah this video is freaking amazing. I can imagine video like this for "Plastic Doll" or "Replay", what song you imagine in video like this?
  5. @Antonionononjust remember: you are beautiful in your own way and you are born this way!
  6. @Mattthis site is really amazing, we can talk about everything (gaga, news, fan-arts and mental health. you guys are really doing great job. i'm so proud of you for sharing content and messages like this one. "mental health is important!" and that message shoud be spread everywhere. p.s. it would be cool if we (little monsters) organise some kind of virtual meeting, video chat or something like that, to talk about and to disscus mental health <3 ...and thank you for beiing kind ✌<3
  7. Yes i think "a film" for Chromatica would be amazing...Babylon can be "the main" song, but still there can be parts of other song, just as you mentioned, like in "G.U.Y. An ARTPOP film"! And do you have some specific vision of the story for this video?
  8. that would be the best dance ever!!!! yes choreography for SC on The Show was amazing, i can imagine Gaga doing it!!
  9. Hey, monsters. I always found our comunity as one very very talented and inspirative fan base. So my question for you today is; How chromatica music video from your dreams looks like? For example, describe how you imagine music video for your fav (or not fav lol) song from Chromatica? /it would be cool if you can describe how you imagine outfits or even choreography, where the story of mv would take a place or whatever you want/ #chromatica4ever
  10. i really like the 2nd one, it's so cool
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