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  1. gonna be streaming this all day probably!
  2. I looooove Angel Down Worktape!! imo it's better than the original
  3. woah so cool! finally they use more recent pics
  4. she looked amazing!! i'm so surprised she did a whole set
  5. I looove the packaging! It completely matches the Love For Sale aesthetic
  6. Perfect Illusion for sure!! it gives me adrenaline
  7. Periodt!!! JazzGa is everything
  8. This is so nice, thank you so much for sharing!
  9. I absolutely loved this track too. It's stuck in my head!! Can't wait to get my hands on the physical copies. #CollectorNerd
  10. I am so glad to see Gaga & Tony releasing music again... you can truly see their connection in these music videos! I hope we'll get more visuals!!
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