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  1. Thank you @dafniye, you're so incredibly kind <3
  2. I consider myself a nieche graphic designer, because my artworks might not be appealing to everyone, but I think I've improved a lot over the last few motnhs. My name's Raya, alias Em, and if you want to see more from me you can find me at @ladyofthedame on instagram. Here's the most recent artwork I did <3
  3. Funny thing about me is that I am a swiftie (not funny at all and I guess the profile picture is a bit of a giveaway) and I admire her for her flawless songwriting so it’d probably be a song of hers. So, like... Ugh. A tough one. I’d say it’s an even tie between Wonderland and Starlight.
  4. Makes you think if they too thought Artpop fell short and deserves a reincarnation in the form of a second act.
  5. Congratulations Adeline 🥺 The ROM picture disc is so pretty 😍 I prefer it to the stupid love one, because of the colours. Hope you enjoy playing the vinyl!! ❤️
  6. There’s definitely a resemblance. Not only the eyes, but also the nose and the lips but I guess angles really do matter a lot hence the confusion, cause in actuality they don’t resemble each other in the slightest.
  7. Hahah I’m just glad the atrocity that Love + Fear was is gone for good and we’re transitioning to a more colossal era that has better visual aesthetic and overall execution. Sorry for the LAF slander but it needed to be said hahah
  8. Hey, @Lana Del Rey! Glad to see you around. As someone who’s been a little monster since the beginning of 2013 and who joined Twitter in 2014 because of Gaga, I can see where you’re coming from. Glad this place exists and I was even more glad when I found it in summer of 2020, otherwise I wouldn’t’ve been able to find such amazing friends and opportunities on this platform. ❤️
  9. I think I like the red HMV vinyl best. I think it’s gone now though :/
  10. Marina's new album, Ancient Dreams in a modernland, is scheduled for release June 11th. That being said, I wanted to open a thread where we can discuss the lefkadian signer and share thoughts and opinions. Link for pre-save: https://marina.lnk.to/ADIAML
  11. About a year since quarantine came in. Kinda scared on what's to happen ngl but also... idk I just miss normality and the sense of comfort I used to have in this life. 2020 was a messy era, hope it doesn't repeat itself cause I can't handle another 2020.
  12. This is a good theory but as far as I know the trifold has been released already, am I not right (?), it's just been restocked. So I'm highly doubting that free woman is to be the next single. PLUS it's been months and no development on Chromatica era whatsoever on her part so I'd highly recommend not getting your hopes up...
  13. Yeah, no matter what ARTPOP had its justice given and that's on that. Whatever comes after this, ARTPOP will still reign supreme. PLUS getting recognition after all these years warms my heart bestie.
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