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  1. That's a very beautiful description you gave and also quite insightful. I'll try ro be more positive about it and try to embrace the new me. I guess part of the reason why I'm regretting it is because I feel like I've lost my femininity. I know it sounds stupid, but my hair used to be around my lower back and now it's around my chin, so that's why I feel less feminine. Which is really stupid considering how I've never cared for these standards created by society. I think my bpd is messing with me at the moment. Thank you. I appreciate it ❤️
  2. Exciting! Can't wait to see everything. Good luck!
  3. Some days I disassociate so much and then end up regretting it later. I did some graphic liner today and it turned out bomb, but I recently cut my hair and I'm regretting it so much and misisng my beautiful long hair. Today I had my first hair wash after cutting and I felt like crying. I'm never cutting my hair again, I know it will grow back, but I had so many memories with it and I feel like they're lost with them.
  4. You mean there are only like 35-40K little monsters? 😭🙏
  5. I LOVE it. This is just so perfect especially the box!!! You're so talented 🤩❤️
  6. Thank you! It's such a beautiful shot! Thank you! It's such a beautiful shot!
  7. Age restricted 😭😭 but I'll use vpn don't you worry 🤫
  8. Congrats @Adelineso happy for you 🥰❤️
  9. This is so good omg a masterpiece. The visuals. The makeup. The outfits. GAGGED BY GAGA. I'm mesmerized by her beauty 😭😭 oof so beautiful
  10. I first thought that it might have been a coincidence, but nah, considering how he has blocked people for asking him about Babylon or even suggesting anything related to it, it's not a coincidence at all. He's either trolling or wantinf a bit of attention himself
  11. I love love Bloodpop and Babylon Haus labs has my whole heart But does anyone else find it funny that when DJWS talked about ARTPOP act II, only then bloodpop brought up haus labs babylon? He's kinda been blocking a lot of people who asked him about Babylon EV and stuff like that. Like the whole monster community has been going crazy about ARTPOP the past few days, to bring Chromatica remixes and Babylon out of nowhere seems kinda tacky. But then again, I'm interested to be proven wrong.
  12. I hope so too. It was a bad time for her and I'm sure she doesn't want to revisit it, no matter how much she's grown and healed from that time.
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