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  1. It makes me so sad that all of us are going through the exact same thing yet none of us can truly help eachother out except for a few words online. I truly hope this pandemic ends soon so all of our mental healths get atleast a tad bit better.
  2. Yesss! I was so glad to see that too. Good luck to you!
  3. More pictures of Lady Gaga, Adam driver, and a kid on set for “House Of Gucci”😭
  4. First pictures of Lady Gaga & Adam Driver on the set of “House of Gucci” in Italy. She looks like a whole new person. I smell another Oscar 👀
  5. Really loving all these new unseen pictures/videos coming out nowadays. Wonder how many thousands of outtakes are still unseen.
  6. Yay congrats! So glad that you got the account back ❤️
  7. Such an amazing picture. She's always been the Queen of Chromatica ❤️ Baby Gaga 🥺🌈❤️
  8. Yaaaaas! Can't wait for all of them. Thanks for this 🤩❤️
  9. I remember that too. It was so sweet of him and I really admire him!
  10. Thank you. Means so much to me. Even if I don't get selected, I still feel good that at least I applied ❤️
  11. Tony Bennett shares a new photo on twitter where he's seen enjoying the new Chromatica Oreos with his wife Susan for National Oreo Day!
  12. Go change your paperwork while you still can 💀 Jk
  13. call_me_ladygaga_20200717_234559_0.mp4 gagatourvids_20210305_012101_0.mp4 gagadaily_20201227_144943_0.mp4 funnygagavideos_20201216_011712_0.mp4 50gradesofshade_20201026_005327_0.mp4 And so many more 💀 ladyfckinggaga_20201017_020020_0.mp4 gaganext_20200817_012253_0.mp4 stefanisborn_20201017_233820_0.mp4 gagasrising_20200626_232717_0.mp4 goddess_gaaga_20200505_013328_0.mp4
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