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  1. Not this again 😭 Praying for the day my country gets anything.
  2. Ugh no, it's just, since I don't have a phone number to verify it, whenever I like a picture or comment on the same day I get suspended. The process of getting it unsuspended usually takes about a month or two. That's why I've given up. Tried another account too, but that too had the same fate. And I don't even know who's used my phone number. I've tried searching for it but it says an account with this phone number doesn't exist 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
  3. I always get my twitter suspended (my personal one) for no reason for a few months, and I can't ever verify it because apparently my phone number is already in use. So I use Instagram mostly, but now it's getting so shady and frustrating.
  4. One day you'll wake up and go outside and paparazzi will not leave you alone because you would've convinced the world you're lady gaga with your accent 😔
  5. Yeah me too. LGN's Instagram account was suspended tho. Twitter. I hope the same doesn't happen in twitter.
  6. Perfect Illusion. It's so catchy and during its release era, I was new to the fandom and it was an absolute banger.
  7. The Joanne shirt... Is it possible to be jealous in a good way 🤩💞
  8. This is so cool I love it! Plus I love your necklace too ❤️
  9. "If I cannot do great things, I can do SMALL things in a great way." ~Martin Luther King JR.
  10. Oh I'm sorry they're not available. Can you try looking into neighboring countries for online degrees? If that's something affordable, I would suggest looking into it. My sister did her masters degree online from a foreign country, it was a bit hard to do online, but that was pre-pandemic so now there might not be any other option.
  11. That's so sweet. I'm sure she would appreciate the gesture and would love the song. Joanne is a masterpiece ❤️
  12. This is by far, her best look. She looks flawless. Brown hair becomes her 🤤❤️
  13. Her hair 😭❤️ The color is the exact same as mine and ugh I love her so much. Makes me feel so good. She looks fabulous.
  14. Yeah I noticed this too And also on Instagram. It's awful, so much hardwork goes down the drain in an instant.
  15. Yeah. I understand that most celebrities / artist sometimes stay relevant because of the same paparazzi, but it should be consensual and with limits. They cross limits and do horrendous deeds.
  16. Exactly. Just like there's a quote that you can't appreciate happiness without a bit of sadness, the same case applies here.
  17. Aww thank you. It did taste good. I have always wanted to taste gaga's tho. Haha that sounds funny. How did you bff react??
  18. She's so beautiful ! My heart... 😩❤️ She's really killing this brunette vibe again. She's just so lovely with dark hair ❤️
  19. Thanks! I baked a cake with frosting the first time a few months ago, the taste was great! The appearance tho... Not so much. It resembled the cake gaga baked for Mark Ronson's sister 😂 I have a picture too. Tbh hers is better. Atleast the frosting stayed on for her. Mine was... A complete disaster 💀🤡 But I baked again a couple of days later with some tips I got and the frosting stayed put and it actually looked good too!
  20. Thank you. Right now there's no chance, but I'll keep waiting ❤️ It's making me appreciate her more though, and I'm becoming more and more grateful.
  21. Yeah. Makes me really sad for her. Poor woman can't have an ounce of a normal day
  22. I get you. Parents say their love in unconditional and then go on and make conditions like this. I'm really sorry for you. Hopefully she'll accept you as the way you are with time ❤️
  23. I don't think so. She came to the hotel without those precautions. She did look a bit down there and Natali? (I presume) hugged her too. I just think it was rude. She was going through a lot during that time and the media should have respected that.
  24. The top picture is so cute 😭🤧❤️ Giving major Cleopatra vibes
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