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  1. Thank you both so much for the love!!!! <3
  2. Hi all! My name is ArinInflux. I'm a mashup artist and a relatively small YouTube creator. I try to keep my posts Gaga-related, but I just couldn't miss the opportunity to show you guys this new mashup I made especially since most Little Monsters are presumably Britney fans! I hope you all listen to and enjoy Daft Punk x Britney Spears - Work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Bitch!
  3. Thank you very much! That one was very fun to make. It's basically the color scheme that the remix singles have And thank you for listening!! I truly appreciate all the love <3 Yes, that'd be great. Thank you! (Still new here, I barely know how anything works )
  4. Hi all! I'm ArinInflux, a rather small content creator on YouTube and Soundcloud. You may have come across my mashup discussion from Thursday. People do not always realize, though, I'm a passionate graphic designer as well. In fact, almost every mashup I make comes with a custom album cover incorporating elements from the artists I use. I really started experimenting with this style since 2019, and would like to share with you my Gaga-related covers below. I hope you like them and consider subscribing for more! Always feel free to share your creations as well. :) Lady Gaga x W
  5. Thank you very much <3 I truly appreciate the love I know, right? It's insane!! I mean, I don't even have to talk about Shallowbucks, or the custom-made OREO and LEGO commercials, or literally anything made by Fernando Monroy. Not all fandoms possess this level of power and influence.
  6. I’d love to!! Do you have any ideas in mind? Maybe I can give them a try 😁 I can’t begin to explain to you how talented I think they are. Gaga’s fans are just as talented as her!!
  7. I am so excited oh my God, especially the latest announcement got me anticipating HARD
  8. Hi all, I'm ArinInflux, a rather small content creator on YouTube and Soundcloud. You might know my mashups, particularly Don't Start Now x Hung Up and Physical x Toxic (which was shared on both Britney's and Dua's Instagram!). I'm posting this under "Pictures and Videos" because it didn't allow me to pick "Audio" as a topic for some reason. Gaga is one of my 'main pop girls' as I've been a huge fan for an entire decade now! Evidently, I make mashups featuring her songs as well (Judas, Alejandro, ROM, 1000 Doves, Bloody Mary, 911), which you can find across my channel. More Gaga mash
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