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  1. Hold On Chromatica Is Still A Thing That’s Amazing & BTW Happy 1 year of rain on me I love this song so much it’s my fav from chromatica
  2. OMG I Love Her Outfit Her Life Is Inserting To Me Love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  3. Poor Gaga I’ll Pray For Her Hope She Is Going To Be OK & Wait A Minute She Is Pregnant WHAT THE HECK!
  4. I Like The Short Parts Of These Songs But Not My Fav But It’s Still Lady Gaga
  5. She Still Will Be My Fav Artist Of All Time Including (Ariana Grande & Ava Max)
  6. I Love Her Outfit She Looks Like She Has A Good Life I Miss Her Being About Fame Love You Gaga
  7. Happy 1 year anniversary of rain on me lady gaga & ariana grande
  8. don’t hate me y’all but I love the fame it’s reminds me of being rich & famous someday
  9. Happy Birthday Gaga I Love You So Much Keep Up The Good Support I Miss You Being Young Ohh & Sorry For A Late Response About Your Birthday I Can’t Believe Your 35 Years Old ❤️
  10. Whoever Made The Photoshoot From 2008 Thank You I Love It Tell Me In The Comments If Agree With Me
  11. Hi Lady Gaga Is This Actually You If It Is Do You Remember The Fame It Is My Fav Album From You
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