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  1. I Thank Sour Candy Is The Best Track w/ BLACKPINK PS Why Did She Make The Song So Dang Short
  2. OMG I Love This Song I can’t believe it’s 5 mins long dang PS She Makes Her Song Way Too Long Which Is Not Bad It’s Weird But I Love You Gaga & This Song
  3. I So Proud Of Gaga Just Dance Was Her First Single & The Music Video Is 12 Years Now Happy 12YearsOfLadyGaga I Love You Gaga
  4. Happy 12 years of just dance, LoveGame & eh eh (nothing else I can say) by lady gaga I can’t believe these songs for the music videos are 12 years old holy —
  5. Hold On Chromatica Is Still A Thing That’s Amazing & BTW Happy 1 year of rain on me I love this song so much it’s my fav from chromatica
  6. OMG I Love Her Outfit Her Life Is Inserting To Me Love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  7. Poor Gaga I’ll Pray For Her Hope She Is Going To Be OK & Wait A Minute She Is Pregnant WHAT THE HECK!
  8. I Like The Short Parts Of These Songs But Not My Fav But It’s Still Lady Gaga
  9. She Still Will Be My Fav Artist Of All Time Including (Ariana Grande & Ava Max)
  10. I Love Her Outfit She Looks Like She Has A Good Life I Miss Her Being About Fame Love You Gaga
  11. Happy 1 year anniversary of rain on me lady gaga & ariana grande
  12. don’t hate me y’all but I love the fame it’s reminds me of being rich & famous someday
  13. Happy Birthday Gaga I Love You So Much Keep Up The Good Support I Miss You Being Young Ohh & Sorry For A Late Response About Your Birthday I Can’t Believe Your 35 Years Old ❤️
  14. I Love The Edge Of Glory But It Is Not Not My Fav Album But Its Good
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