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  1. Wow the new aesthetic is litty 😌
  2. The Fame Born This Way The Fame Monster Chromatica A Star Is Born Joanne Artpop
  3. I remember there was an album in GagaImages of the Enigma interlude stills but I can't find it. Could someone please post it? Thanks!
  4. I can't access it or even find it at all but when I google it it's there. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Cause he was just around the first year of her career when she wasn't that public. There's barely any mentions of him in her work besides the The Fame booklet. By mid 2009 she had already moved on to working with Nicola because that's when Paparazzi was filmed and released. Apparently, according to the pics in the post, Dada came back when Gaga was in the cover of V dressed like the Statue of Liberty and I guess that was their last work together...
  6. What did she say about him in Gaga 5 foot 2? I personally love to see her team evolve. In fact, I'd love it if Marta Del Rio was her main stylist instead of going back to Nicola Formichetti.
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