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  1. i side with you to be honest. i only heard the dojs track cause she was featured on it. Other than that im not intrested
  2. Rihanna says her next album is "going to be completely different" while promoting her latest Savage X Fenty Show. Do we believe her? or do you think we are finally getting new music?
  3. QATAR WORLD CUP- If its true its finally a reason to watch the fifas with my family 😭 and they will have to watch gaga perform too 😈. Also knowing gaga she will definetly be putting on A SHOW. Manifesting its real! maybe some chromatica tracks can make it in πŸ‘€.
  4. Thank You Amy for sharing! I tend to complain alot and be ungratefull in real life but then i always tell myself there are people who are going through even harder times than i am. So for today i am gratefull for my family, the home i live in, my dog, good food (my mom just came back and shes gonna cook delicious food πŸ˜›πŸ˜Ή no more take aways) and that im in university.
  5. And we have to thank Bad Bunny for buying hef merch + promoting it. A true little monster!! Also Azealia Banks for mass buying those chromatica soaps 😭😹.
  6. Lil Nas X has just dropped his debut album Montero!! All the tracks on Montero are charting the top 100 of US Apple Music and 5 of the tracks are in the top 10! He even showed interest where he would like to see a crossover in the Chromatica universe, Planet Her universe (Doja Cat's latest album) and the Montero universe. No secret he's a huge Little Monster. So have you listened? and what are your top 5? Lets support a fellow little monster making it big! 😈 πŸ’• πŸ¦‹
  7. As the Queen of kindness herself, Gaga continues to show us how small things can make a huge impact on us and other people around us. She has been/will be updating us on how she is being kind for 21 days. Theres only 7 days left on this journey. I would like to ask you fellow little monsters, what have you done as an act of kindness or what do you plan to do as an act of kindness. No matter how big or small, a gesture of any size makes a huge impact. So share with everyone, how gaga has inspired you all to #BeKind21 🀍
  8. 10M?? A soundtrack album omg. SHE DID THAT 😭
  10. i think only a part of it but not full, and just screenshots of the MV. Trust if it already leaked i think we would all have seen it, lets hope not. We really need to respect Gaga's privacy and wishes as a fandom and family.
  11. This is soo good omg. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to future mashups.
  12. Let me drop my top 5 too πŸ˜†, in no official order though. 1. Replay 2. Free Woman 3. Sine From Above 4. Plastic Doll 5. Babylon (Bree) but if im being honest, this top 5 keeps changing all the time 😭. I cant pick them. Theyre all so good and different times, i become obssesed with different tracks.
  13. Just did my right as a chromatica citizen and submitted my votes. πŸ’…
  14. Dawn Of Chromatica is officially out everywhere. The album is truly one of a kind especially for a remix album. Which tracks are your current top 5 on the album and which tracks are underrated in your opinion?
  15. Im so excited, its out in 1.5 hours for me. So tempted to listen to the leaks but i must be patient 😭. We have waited so long, alil more wont hurt.
  16. Sam if youre reading, you made a sick asf cover. I cant stop looking at it. I want it tattoed on my under eye lids
  17. She said she will anything for Ga. She needs to dance to at least 1 of the chromatica remix tracks (Babylon HL maybe). She needs to pull thru on her offer and help us trend it!!
  18. The filter honestly looks so cute. Gonna record some later πŸ˜‰
  19. Well to me im not looking at it as only remixes. To me it feels like LG 6.5. These arent just random Djs on the remixes. Ive been following alot of them for a while and love their music. This album is a dream come true for me. The chances of these artists working with gaga omg 😭 Also i dont blame Bloodpop tbh. If it were up to him im sure he wouldve wanted it out by August since he knew it was gonna be august. But we dont know whats going on behind the scenes. So i dont think its fair to blame him 100%.
  20. Thank You so much!! β™‘β™‘
  21. Bloodpop confirmed on twitter that the release date for Chromatica remix is up to interscope and apparently he has no control on it. Eventhough bloodpop worked on the remix album he seems to have his hands tied on the release of it.
  22. i think this could be the reason too and if so i applaud her for that and ill respect that. πŸ’–
  23. A 14 seconds snippet of the Plastic Doll Remix with the one and only Demi Devil Ashnikko was played live during a DJ set by Aquaria. It sounds like a hit already!
  24. So by now everyone knows that the remix album for chromatica didnt drop on 20th August as expected. The date was told to us by Arca, an artist featured on the remix album. However no one from Gaga's team nor Bloodpop himself confirmed thd exact date but he did say it was coming in August. Arca was live in her discord server and said shes sad and sorry and she even tweeted and quickly deleted an apology she made to everyone who was counting her mentioning the date. What do you think happened? Was it pushed back or are we getting more than just a remixes? Maybe visuals for each remixed track which could be why it was pushed back (allegedly). What are you thoughts?
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