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  1. I thought too!! Honestly a missed opportunity and considering Hana (Bloodpop's gf) is Grimes' bff the posibilities are right there. Really hope it happens
  2. I really need Grimes for a remix. She's the one who fits Chromatica's aesthetic the best.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNQLfeBntma/ DJ White Shadow just shared a message about how it was the making of ARTPOP and his thoughts about ever releasing some of the unreleased songs they made during that era. Worth reading it.
  4. It's so fake I saw a similar one but with Ariana
  5. Worth to give it a try But why do I feel like there's an actual chance for ARTPOP act II to see the light of the day? jsdjkh Obviously she wouldn't be officially releasing it but "leaking" it like she did with Burqa. "Happy easter Little Monsters! I've seen how much you guys would like to hear ARTPOP's sister. Listen here to some unreleased ARTPOP tracks" and her adding a Mega link jsjsjsjsjsj
  6. This one's not numbered right? I don't feel like spending that much on it then
  7. Another Japanese Chromatica edition? Idk let me dream. Yeah that makes me think it must be something Rain On Me related or else why would the Japanese Ariana Grande twitter acc tweet about it too 🤔
  8. Dua Lipa postponed it twice too! She's supposed to start the tour this autumn, let's see how that goes....
  9. That or postponing the whole tour to 2022 once again are the best choices I think. Don't know what her plans are rn for Chromatica but I really wish she'd tweet about it. A single tweet like "we're still working on the best option" would be great. We really have no clue what's going on with it :/
  10. Fnac.es still doesn't have it. I ordered mine from her French store so I'm sure I get it and if Fnac releases it too later guess I can cancell my order and get it there instead
  11. How come it went sold out in less than one hour Waiting for it to be available later at the spanish Fnac so I can get that free shipping lmao
  12. The stores participating at the RSD usually sell them online the same day they go on sale, that's how I managed to get my copies last year so it should be fine guys. Just get ready and when the list is released check which store is best for you
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