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  1. Omg tysm! Yeah, it looks so much like the EU one! I'd like to get the US one cause the discs are black, like the ones on the TFM Super Deluxe edition 😍
  2. Thank you! And yes, it's the EU version :) Does the Philippines version have anything special? Haven't heard of that one
  3. Fully agree with you :( My friend had it so they usually let me play it and I lowkey think it's still better than New Horizons..... I specially miss the coffee shop and Brewster :(
  4. Yeah but I think that if I ever buy them I'll make sure I get the real ones 💀 The fake ones look horribly cheap once you realise Last two items I added to my collection 🥰 + the UO red BTW vinyl which arrived today Btw just checked Urban Outfitters' page and apparently they stopped selling the BTW vinyl?
  5. Me!!! I played AC Wild World 24/7 back then 😭😭 Missed on New Leaf cause I didn't have a 3DS but was able to aford a Switch later to play New Horizons omg 😭
  6. Some of my favourite videogames are Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, The Sims.... Rn I'm OBSESSED with L.A. Noire, I love Rockstar games tho I have only tried L.A. Noire and GTA but I've seen some RDR gameplays and looks so so cool. I only have a Nintendo Switch so the variety of videogames I can play is not so wide Would love to get a PS as I'd love to play Cyberpunk somewhere in the future too (+ RDR obviously). I feel the necessity to add that I've been playing Bayonetta 1 too since our Gaga seems to be such a huge fan of this franchise hahah
  7. Yeah I've got the first edition (silver), got them some years ago for around 50€. They're so beautiful tho I barely use them cause they keep falling from my ears, keep them mostly as a collection item 😭 the 2011 edition ones are cool af too, might buy the golden ones someday if I find them for a cheap price
  8. I honestly can't wait and I'm so excited for this next project. When do you guys think the announcement is coming? I'm expecting some info real soon honestly since it's supposed to be released before summer this year
  9. Yeah makes sense but still don't think I have seen her that annoyed ever, specially since the interviewer was kinda nice imo.
  10. OMG it's my first time seeing this interview and it made me really sad. Do we know the reason behind it for her to act like that? :(
  11. I always wanted my first concert to be Gaga's so I finally attended the Joanne World Tour as my first ever concert :)
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