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  1. How are we feeling with all of these gorgeous Love For Sale physicals??? 😍😍
  2. Preordered! Wondering what the preorder bonus will be
  3. So here's the update i promised! 🤩 Just added some Fame perfume promo gifts, Cheek to Cheek vinyl (i finally own every Gaga album on vinyl except for the remixes), Chromatica black trifold vinyl, Joanne Korean preorder edition (includes some postcards inside) aaaand.... A Star Is Born silver vinyl!!!! 😭😭😭 I can't even believe i got so lucky to get that last one
  4. Bought many interesting items lately 👀 will post an update picture once everything arrives, I'm so excited! Search for "Five Foot Two DVD" or "Five Foot Two FYC" on eBay, there're still quite many on sale
  5. Received my black Chromatica trifold vinyl and preordered the BTW 10th vinyl and cassettes
  6. I'm so excited for this release!! Hoping for an official date announcement soon
  7. I got mine yesterday!! Had to email a ton of record stores to make sure they were receiving it and then drive for more than 1 hour to get there but it was all worth it This vinyl is mesmerizing
  8. Hey guys it's been so long since I last posted here but life got busy I guess :( Anyway I'm so excited for BTW reimagined, hope we really get a beautiful vinyl for it. I bought myself the CD and the BTW hoodie meanwhile While I was gone I bought a few Gaga items my collection was missing which y'all can see here :)) Managed to get the yellow Chromatica RSD vinyl yesterday, hope you all were lucky with it too!!
  9. I thought too!! Honestly a missed opportunity and considering Hana (Bloodpop's gf) is Grimes' bff the posibilities are right there. Really hope it happens
  10. I really need Grimes for a remix. She's the one who fits Chromatica's aesthetic the best.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNQLfeBntma/ DJ White Shadow just shared a message about how it was the making of ARTPOP and his thoughts about ever releasing some of the unreleased songs they made during that era. Worth reading it.
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