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  1. Wait, grimes is on discord 👀 celebrity’s are on discord? I did not know that
  2. Well like the title say they will be preforming tougher for one last time
  3. Clarify: I did not read how Matt’s post on this thread and the price range I just looked at the presale and I saw nothing for $90 All I saw was for $400 and more
  4. I just can’t wait for the album to come out lol 😂
  5. Sorry if I worded that badly my phone was dying
  6. Hey do any of you guys know who won the trip to vegas and the jacket lady gaga put up on omaze?
  7. Hello Fellow Little monsters What are your favorite cartoons mine are The Simpsons Family Guy Adventure time Steven universe Thats about it (And yes i am a fan of animated stuff not anime tho just like regular animated shows)
  8. Michael, Totally Michael, I’m dating lady Gaga and being a tech entrepreneur yes yes and yes 😂🤩
  9. X Æ A-Xii is must be a big fan of star was since his birthday was may the 4 (be with you)
  10. Lol, I did this wrong before, so Im Alice and yes I am a Leo ♌️
  11. I would say I’m replay because I relate to that song off chromatica the most
  12. Hello little monsters, some of you might have forgot about me but thats because i took a little brake from social media, but Im back now
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