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  1. I cant wait I’m definitely going to do this ❤️💫
  2. I love it, or should I say I stupid love it ❤️💕
  3. Hello little monsters I am starting this topic because i want people to feel better about themselves and just to tell somebody how you day was to help a little bit. I will start, my day has been good today, i got an xp-pen for school and its a 9/10
  4. Hello little monsters I was wouqndering if any of you guys play any instruments, i can play a guitar and thats it, but some weird reason i feel likt i can play a paino, i have once but not that much.
  5. I love stupid love, the chromatically tribe symbol for it (kindness punks) is my favorite Apple Watch face on my Apple Watch, and I I just can’t believe it’s been one year since the release of stupid love ❤️😘
  6. A 8 or 9, I don’t know why but lady Gaga just makes me happy whenever I’m feeling down
  7. I don’t know but if I have to say - RDR2 (red dead redemption 2) - GTA 5/GTA online - Horizon zero dawn - The whole hitman series - the whole uncharted series - (the last of us part I and II) I have never played it but I always wanted to And that’s all
  8. Hello little monsters I was woundering how lady gaga got her name i heard she got it from the queen song radio gaga. Fun fact whenever i hear radio gaga i like to swap out radio with lady to make lady gaga.
  9. My experience with COVID 19 is not that much but my mom almost got it and almost spread it to me in April of 2020. In early April she had learned that her good friend got COVID, my mom was around her at a business meeting in early March and they sat right next to each other (to note they also hugged) so she was at risk. At first my mom through she got it from the business meeting in the hospital (it was in the hospital because she is a pharma rep) but the truth is, it’s late February of 2021 and they still don’t know if she got it from the hospital or a trip she took in the D.R. But my mom did
  10. I have had a good experience with psychiatrists because whenever I talk to one I can just vent and it really feels good 😌
  11. Hello little monsters I have been feeling nothing but love since i joined this forum, this has been such a kind and loving forum so much accecpance and love. This forum has really made me love myself a lot more and to accept people a lot more. I never feel embarssed when i post here, so thank you, thank you all ❤️❤️
  12. What I am proud of myself for is never giving up and always trying new things that interest me and always trying to put myself out there ❤️💫
  13. I would, say Red and blue and something crazy off of the Stefani red and blue EP in 2006, yes Stefani is the old lady gaga under her old name
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