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  1. Lol if you follow me on twitter you probably already seen this but if you dont im 14 and house of gucci got its rating and its rated r so now i cant see it until it gets released on streaming platforms, lol after all the bad stuff that happened in 2020 and 2021 this was going to be the day where everything can just be normal like back in 2019 for a day but i geuss not so anyway have anybody of you guys have a story like this 😭😭
  2. The channel is called Seany Gaga by the way (sorry if this sounds weird but where I live it’s 9:00 pm by the time I am writing this out)
  3. Hi guys i just made a new youtube channel witch is Seany Gaga so i can make singing videos i just posted my first one its not the best im just starting out doing this but if you can watch it you will like it even tho its not the best im just starting out i hope you guys will watch it ⚔️❤️
  4. So spotify renamed highways and one of them was the lady gaga road to love highway in new york new york as you guys know i live in new york new york so does anybody know where it is i heard its on the van wyck expy in queens
  5. I cant wait for it at midnight I cant even believe it’s coming out, I heard a few snippets on here (ladygaganow.net) and I am just blown away and I LOVE Babylon haus labs the vocals and aesthetics on it are extraordinary and I have only heard a few seconds of it ⚔️💚
  6. I can’t wait I love remixes, I really can’t wait for it tbh I love everything about it the cover the background and especially the remixes
  7. Thank you, I can’t wait to listen to it
  8. Lol I opened up Instagram and this was one of the first things I saw I love it
  9. Hi everybody i posted a new video of me playing piano on my instagram and i have posted a link below i would really like it if you check it out you will really like too its called Grass Valley on a rainy august day ⚔️💓 https://www.instagram.com/p/CSw9JRmlGrJ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  10. I songwrite, i songwrite because of mental health and that how good it feels to write a song and making it be what ever you want it to be. I recently worte my very first song and im already working on another one, it needs a little revision sure, but i write for 2 things, my mental health and to start to make something of myself. When i somg write i lose myself in it and it is just so healing when i do all my of cares just melt away and i feel so alive, when i have a bad day or even a good day i songwrite and my mental health is so much better because of it. Do any of you song write, if not try it can really help you out alot with your mental health😘❤️
  11. I don’t know, I don’t have that much access to her unreleased music but I did hear Brooklyn nights a few times and, I really like it, hopefully if ARTPOP ACT II releases I will probably have access to more of her unreleased music. But for now Brooklyn nights is my favorite ⚔️❤️
  12. YASSSSSS I absolutely love this, I might even put up a poster of this in my locker when I get start my freshman year of high school in September 🔵🔵
  13. I love the trailer I can’t wait to see it in theaters in November!! And I just love the accent and I think I can do some of it, I was just sitting down and I heard the line “your name is in the history books” and then I said it in the accent almost perfectly if not perfectly, I guess you learn something new everyday ❤️⚔️
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