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  1. Yeah, but it sadly won't give any recognition to lots of artists who weren't nominated as they deserved in the past. Like, there are huge artists like Madonna who were so snubbed by them. And I'm not saying this just because she's a really famous artist, because there are many pop artists out there completely overrated and favored by the Grammy's. But she's one of those artists who really crafts their art, she has a legacy, being impactful on so many levels. Just like Gaga. Gaga only started to get really praised post-2015, especially in the ASIB era (not saying she's not praised and that she has no grammys, 'cuz she has, but her 2009-2011 was HUGE, she was so impactful and this wasn't even recognized the way it should!). It's like, they just go to recognize artists based on their own criteria (which is so subjective sometimes) and that has a lot to do with contracts and money and the whole music industry. Like, ARTPOP only started to get recognition when Gaga released Joanne, ASIB, sang the National Anthem on SB, Sound of Music on the Grammys, received an Oscar... Now they're saying they were wrong and AP is actually a masterpiece. But why? Also, there's the problem with less known talented artists and those alternative ones who aren't known by the GP. They sometimes recognize them, but many times they don't. After all, everything's so confusing that I really think we shouldn't care about it that much. This thing with judging and giving awards is great, but it's also really bad. It creates an image that awards define your art, when they don't. lol sorry if I talked too much mentioning you, I should've just made a reply of my own
  2. That'd be amazing! Wow, imagine the visuals I had ideas for a Gaga RPG years ago, but I was too lazy to use RPG Maker lol It was a great idea though, set in TF era and the whole plot was about the government dominating media and mass communication (not so different from now, but in a more dystopic way) while Gaga would be like the savior of people and pop culture (with a lot of references and stuff).
  3. The Grammy's really unfair. He's not lying about that, there's a lot of favoritism and people who really deserved to win aren't even nominated. And that sucks. But there's nothing we can do about it, I guess... After all, there's a whole industry behind it and it's not actually all about the art itself.
  4. She looks gorg!! And this whole look SLAYYY
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