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  1. I'm currently looking at grabbing a vinyl copy of SOPHIE's 'Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides' now that it has been repressed and it's still for sale at it's retail price (£24.99) compared to what scalpers are charging on eBay and discogs.
  2. I'm currently listening to my Chromatica trifold vinyl and it definitely sounds a lot more punchy and louder than my picture disc copy. They must've remastered the album for this copy of Chromatica. I also picked up one of the last few packs of Chromatica Oreos from my local supermarket here in the UK. I was lucky enough to get somewhat of a full "LG" signature unlike others who got L' or even Z's, however it's still not as good as my signed copy of ASIB which has her full "Lady Gaga" signature.
  3. Mine is a “Lg~” https://ibb.co/443hc9V
  4. It is an official product, it's a 'For Your Consideration' DVD given to people who vote for who should win what award at the Emmy's I believe ? It's sort of like those Chromatica promo packages sold in record stores in the Los Angeles area that were sent out by Interscope for Grammy voters.
  5. I know back when these promo DVD's were first released, you could pick them up from eBay relatively easily.
  6. Like I fully understand now that one of the biggest vinyl pressing plants has burned down, there may be delays in producing vinyl but labels keep charging so much money and for so little quality and content. I'm pretty sure I paid around £27-ish for Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' vinyl in 2017 which was a double yellow LP, a full colour 12" booklet and a digital download code. Many vinyl copies come with a digital download (P!nk's 'Beautiful Trauma', Lorde's deluxe 'Solar Power' vinyl and SOPHIE's 'Oil of Every Pearls Un-Insides' for example) but some labels are just charging so much and for the bare minimum: a single/double LP with nothing else to offer besides the gatefold packaging.
  7. Kind of off topic but I had a thought earlier today, If record labels want to be charging £25 plus for a vinyl, then that vinyl should include a full colour 12" lyric booklet and possibly even a digital download too if the label is feeling extra nice. Vinyl prices have risen quite a bit since I bought my first record which happened to be ARTPOP in 2014 and not very much has changed in terms of the packaging. Most releases come in a regular gatefold, some come in a trifold like Chromatica, but there's often not much else to offer besides maybe printed sleeves. Give us that 12" booklet to make buying vinyl a more worthwhile and pleasing experience. If we can get booklets with CD editions, why is it that you don't see booklets with vinyl very often? I only have three albums in my vinyl collection that have booklets but then again my vinyl collection isn't the biggest collection ever.
  8. I'm not saying that if these are the types of looks we're going to get during the 'Love For Sale' era then we're going to be fed, but that is exactly whatI'm saying
  9. They taste like the golden Oreos but little more sugary.
  10. My Chromatica trifold LP arrived a few hours ago, it's gorgeous! It truly is a beautiful collectors piece, we always get one (or more) beautiful collectors item from every era such as the original TF USB drive, TFM super deluxe or the BTW picture disc box set. https://ibb.co/HqJYVND
  11. Oh wow, I didn't know '25' was made from 100% recycled paper but I could feel that it was very different and a lot thicker than the regular paper used for album booklets.
  12. Many music lovers prefer digibooks/digipaks/digisleeves over a regular jewel case anyways. I would've happily taken a digipak or even a digibook like Chromatica had she decided to release a CD but make it from recycled materials / made in a eco friendly way.
  13. After taking a six month long step back from listening to Chromatica every single day and recently starting to get back into the album, it is such a great album. It's just a shame how the era itself panned out. The music, videos and overall aesthetic of Chromatica is some of her best but the way her team handled the communication when it came to our merch orders or even our tickets for the tour, it was just a little bit messy.
  14. Oh damn let me fix it, https://shopuk.ladygaga.com/*/*/Chromatica-Trifold-Vinyl/6XLN0000000
  15. If anyone is looking for a copy of the black Chromatica trifold LP, it is currently in stock on her UK store for £40 + £3.95 UK first class delivery!! https://shopuk.ladygaga.com/*/*/Chromatica-Trifold-Vinyl/6XLN0000000
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