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  1. I just wanna talk with whoever allowed these shots to not be released, she looks gorgeous!
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/COc6BTol9Un/ Oh how the gays will run with this video and think Interscope / Gaga is going to release Babylon (EV) anytime soon
  3. So the Toronto and Boston dates are currently showing up as postponed when you search "Lady Gaga concerts" on google
  4. Gaga's team need to make an announcement on Gaga's behalf asap instead of waiting until under a month before opening night like last time
  5. I'm pretty sure @Leography has (nearly) every edition of Chromatica
  6. omg how did I fck up spelling positions, thanks for clocking it EDIT: I can't edit it welp
  7. Here's my collection, I don't want this to seem like I'm bragging what I have I've just been a fan since 2009 so I've accumulated a lot of things over the last decade.
  8. You can find pretty much every edition of an album ever produced on discogs.com however they're pretty pricey the more rare the edition because it's a collectors site so they bump up the prices a lot more than their retail price, it's the same deal with eBay. cdjapan.co.jp is great if you're looking for any Japanese exclusive releases, fnac.com for any EU exclusives + her international web stores have some slight exclusives too.
  9. I still can't get over the fact she toured a 3 story castle all over the world, let's not forget she had more than one castle built because I'm pretty sure the castle took a few days to set up and there wasn't enough time between shows.
  10. For my birthday my dad got me the deluxe edition of "portions" by Ari and "You and I Will Never Die" by Kanga. Both very different genres "positions" being R&B/pop and "You and I Will Never Die" being industrial/electronic. https://imgur.com/a/S9CP58M
  11. Princess Die, Brooklyn Nights, Nothing On (But The Radio), No Way, Second Time Around
  12. No, a fan on twitter just added the Robots with Rayguns remix over the top of the Apple Music video.
  13. That's a fanmade (although professionally fanmade) remix, it's by Robots with Rayguns.
  14. I'd like if this promo video ties in with a remix or something (maybe even the new radio edit of Free Woman being added to streaming), if it is just this promo video at least she looked good during this shoot. This video comes from the photoshoot she did with Francesco Carrozini on 5 March, 2020. https://ladygaga.fandom.com/wiki/Francesco_Carrozzini
  15. Replay, a shortened version of Sine and Babylon.
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