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  1. I still remember going to HMV the day Joanne dropped and waiting outside before they opened to get a copy. It’s insane five years have passed already.
  2. If they have now sold out on Gaga's US store, your best bet at getting your hands on them nowadays would be sites like Depop or eBay.
  3. I kinda prefer how the Japanese deluxe is a mini LP type of packing whereas the international deluxe is a clamshell box with card sleeves. In a video I saw, the international deluxe looks like it uses a thin and. flimsy paper to house the CD's and not a decently thick card like the BTW reimagined disc
  4. The album will be out in Australia in a couple of hours, it'll officially be released at that point but it'll "leak" to other countries where it isn't officially released yet.
  5. My Love For Sale vinyl and alt CD have been processed on the UK store but my deluxe CD is still pending because the warehouse hasn't received any of the deluxe CD's yet 🤡 The two copies that are now processed were bought as gifts from family members which I won't be receiving until Christmas 🥲
  6. I'm surprised it still hasn't leaked as I'm writing this, I was expecting it to leak back in March when that UMG warehouse got robbed and the picture discs were stolen and later resold online.
  7. I think they've made a good decision with only releasing 1000 copies worldwide considering the UK store (and I believe her other international stores) still has the first alt CD available to purchase. Most Gaga stans aren't overly into jazzGa, while others love jazzGa and those stans are the people who these alt CD's are being aimed at.
  8. I really like the purple one but now that I've noticed that the photos of Tony and Gaga were taken separately then photoshopped together for this cover I can't unsee it. I do like how the first one is similar to the original artwork but not too similar.
  9. Gaga's French store is now showing the international deluxe as like a box set with cardsleeves holding the CD's inside!
  10. My boyfriend bought meBTW tenth anniversary CD! I also ordered the Dawn Of Chromatica CD when they were added to her UK store.
  11. Love the images that came from this particular photoshoot, she looked great in that dress
  12. If Interscope has delayed the album to early next month, are we even surprised that it got delayed? Even BTW reimagined got delayed by a week for no apparent reason. If the remix album was never planned to be released in August then BloodPop needs to learn to stay quiet when it comes to information such as release dates. Blood isn't a newcomer in the music industry, he's been in the industry for a hot minute so he fully knows that things can change, get delayed or even scrapped at the drop of a hat. Gaga learned that herself from oversharing her ideas/plans during BTW and ARTPOP eras which is why she didn't announce Love For Sale until the release date was set in stone for instance. The way Blood keeps saying one thing then as soon as it looks less likely to happen when he said it would, he then changes his story, it's making the fans and the artists involved with the remix album look like one big joke. At this point I wouldn't keep putting any weight in anything Blood says. Let's not forget that on May 29 2020 he said Babylon HL version would come "soon" and on 12 June 2020, in a published interview, he said "we still plan to finish those songs and release them to present something special within the Chromatica universe" regarding the songs they did with SOPHIE yet here we are over a year later and those songs are nowhere to be seen. With SOPHIE's passing, I can understand if the LG x SOPHIE songs don't see the light of day but not releasing Babylon HL is just stupid. Interscope would loose nothing by dropping Babylon HL but gain money from sales and streams.
  13. so Arca deleted this tweet "In Chromatica, no one delay is greater than another"
  14. anniversaries always make me feel old however when it's an anniversary as big as TF, TFM, BTW and ARTPOP it reminds me of the fact time is passing past me VERY QUICKLY
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