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  1. It would be really cool! We must take this idea forward, for sure
  2. Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga's fashion and creative director has given an interview for a new campaign with american furniture store CB2. In the new interview, Nicola talked about his life and career as well and also about working with Gaga on Chromatica. Formichetti mentioned that he and Gaga have been busy during quarantine creating new music videos and performances: “In New York, I used to have a separate office. Since moving to LA, I have combined my living and work space [and] that seems balanced for me right now with everything going on. Turns out I am enjoying it a lot,” he explains. “I’ve been having fun working on Gaga’s new era, Chromatica. We have been busy working on new music videos, photo shoots and performances—and that has all kept me excited and busy.” You can read the interview in its entirety here.
  3. Lady Gaga has just announced that she will perform at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. This will be Chromatica’s first live performance. Tune in to the 2020 MTV VMAs, on August 30, at 8pm EST. Don't forget to vote everyday for Lady Gaga at the VMAs on the official website http://www.mtv.com/vma/.
  4. Lady Gaga has just released GAGAVISION 48: The Making Of Rain On Me. The video features Gaga and Ariana Grande going through rehearsals and filming the video for Chromatica’s second single. Watch below: If you can’t open the video click here.
  5. The night Lady Gaga has been planning for nearly several weeks in collaboration with The Global Citizen and The World Health Organization has finally reached us. Gaga, along with her collaborators, came together to curate a night full of music and love felt messages from the biggest names in music, television, sports, politics, and film. The special ran for a total of 8 hours, broken down into 6 hours of pre show telecast available on nearly every streaming platform, and followed by a 2 hour prime time tv special airing on numerous channels and streaming platforms worldwide. Lady Gaga herself opened up the prime time special with a thoughtful message to the world front line medical workers, mental health specialists and first responders. Followed by her first performance of the night, a cover of Nat King Cole’s “Smile”: All throughout the entire show Gaga celebrated her peers and friends while periodically going live through her Instagram to cheer on the broadcast watching live with everyone across the world. Joined by Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend and renowned pianist Lang Lang, Gaga closed the show with her star studded ensemble singing “Prayer”: We at LadyGagaNow congratulate and applaud Lady Gaga, The Global Citizen and The World Health Organization for the beautiful and well thought out production they have crafted for the world with “One World: Together at Home.” and extend our hearts and gratitude out to everyone fighting this global pandemic around the globe. ❤️ Full show
  6. Lady Gaga joined the World Health Organization (WHO)'s media briefing conference in the morning of Friday 17th. She was joined by the CEO of Global Citizen Hugh Evans ahead of the One World: Together At Home event that Gaga herself curated in partnership with WHO and Global Citizen. Lady Gaga tuned in to the conference from her home office and stressed that Saturday's special will be a love letter to the medical professionals and all the emergency workers selflessly and tirelessly fighting against COVID-19 day after day. She also announced that a total of $50 million has been raised with huge donations from massive corporations which now include The Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble and Johnson and Johnson. Gaga has also announced that the legendary rock band Rolling Stones will be joining the concert for a special performance. More information about the event and its start-studded line up can be found here. The 8-hour special will be broadcasted this Saturday night, April 18th. Watch the speech below:
  7. Lady Gaga took her ENIGMA Tour to Miami to perform at the Super Bowl pre-concert: "Super Saturday Night" hosted by AT&T TV. A custom venue called Meridian Island Gardens was built for the occasion in Miami Beach: on the multi-levels building, AT&T hosted multiple interactive 5G experiences for fans including a 60 foot Monster Wall with over 25,000 combinations and exclusive angle Fan Cams. After a relaxing morning with her new boyfriend, Lady Gaga walked the red carpet before her show. The concert was live streamed on Twitter and it grossed $250.000 for the Born This Way Foundation with the hashtag #SuperSaturdayNight. You can re-watch the event below or download it here. Thanks to our friend GagaMediaArchives.com for the video and download link.
  8. Lady Gaga joined Oprah at her first stop on the 2020 Vision Tour Saturday afternoon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to talk about daily self-care routines and other mental health-related topics Struggles and Background: Gaga began the session opening up about her struggles of being misunderstood in high school, revealing that this later lead her to create her On stage persona “Lady Gaga". Recalling her constant struggles with PTSD, and looking back at when she did not have any help, Gaga announced that going into this decade, she would like people to be more educated on what Fibromyalgia is. She would also like to help solve this mental health crisis together with the best doctors, researchers, professors and scientists, expressing her vision of erasing the stigma on mental illness. PTSD and her past experience: Psychotic episodes and disassociation was another mental health issue that Gaga encountered recently. Moreover, she revealed that nobody in the industry wanted to help her put the person who raped her in jail, and that she has chosen not to reveal who it was. However, Gaga divulged that she still has an ongoing struggle of PTSD from this incident. Lady Gaga's Medical Routine and LG6: Oprah moved onto discussing Gaga's self-care routines, medication being one of them. It was also disclosed that her doctor prescribes her to take an anti-psychotic medication to help her from spiraling out and from spasming in her sleep. She also discussed learning to radically accept her conditions and her pain in Dialectal Behavioral Therapy because of the pain she endures with Fibromyalgia. Gaga goes on to say that she work outs, practices transcendental meditation, and practices spreading kindness and bravery through the Born This Way Foundation as part of her self-care routines. To the great pleasure (and demand) of eager fans, Oprah asks when her creative process of creating LG6 happens in the midst of all the time she puts into working on herself constantly. Gaga reassures her that despite all the time she allocates to working on herself, she is indeed still working on music and has been in the creative process for years. CBS Morning Special: You can also re-watch the full event below:
  9. Billboard talks with Lady Gaga’s hairstylist, Frederic Aspiras, who revealed some inspirations and methods he used to cultivate and attune Lady Gaga to every persona she portrayed for the last decade. Read and excerpt of the interview below. "You can change a person's attitude, mood, and day just by the way the way they feel through their hair." "I was really nervous because I hadn't done a lot of makeup at the time. The kind of generosity he had as an artist was something I really identified with," Aspiras recalls with Billboard. "I didn't really show off my work and style but I really wanted to merge the two. I'm my own role model because we all strive to do better. In no way have I become a master of hair and I'm learning all the time, but I also have a lot to give back and have a lot of responsibility. This journey had really taught me to become a better person and artist." Upon making the successful transition from San Francisco to Los Angeles as a celebrity hairstylist, Aspiras spent nearly four years working with Paris Hilton. He planned on taking a vacation after touring with Hilton -- until he received a call from agent Kent Belden of The Only Agency, who asked if he would like to work with Lady Gaga in 2009. "I had just seen her on stage during an award show, and she needed somebody for her tour," Aspiras continues. "I said, 'Sure, why not, I would love to play with new hair.' I remember working for her the first night and she was so respectful of my ideas. I created one look for the Monster Ball tour, and before you know it, we were bouncing ideas off each other, creating every single look from there." The duo has seen many wins during their career trajectories over the past decade. "With Gaga and I, we respect each other's creative voices," he says. "And with that kind of respect coming from somebody you live for, you create that special bond, you never want to let that go. It brings out something really good in you. That's what friends do for each other." Tell us about the collaboration process between you and Lady Gaga. I look to her as an artist. So how we approach that is usually during meetings for a project. It's so important to listen to an artist, as she brings the inspiration out of you for her vision. I would need to create styles throughout [her shows] that contributed to her story. Sometimes I would recreate hairstyles on wigs so she can try out different hairstyles with different outfits. So I'm constantly [thinking of] new ideas I want to do with her in my studio. What would you choose as the most memorable hairstyles you've created for Gaga over the years? The most memorable moment was for the Venice Film Festival for A Star Is Born [last August]. I saw her step out of the hotel in her feathered dress and cried because it was so beautiful. There was a thunderstorm, I don't know what happened, but it was like a [Federico] Fellini movie scene! The next would have to be the [2017 Super Bowl halftime show] because it was monumental. It was such an important moment in her career so it had to be perfect! And her hair changed halfway. To watch it on playback was beautiful. Another one was the [2012] Born This Way world tour. We became family on that tour, spending day and night together. I created so many styles for it. I never got bored while we toured around the world three times. When we did American Horror Story: Hotel [in 2015], [makeup artist] Kim Ayers and I had to come up with something like 70-90 different hairstyles [for the singer's Countess character]. We were on set sometimes from five in the morning to three in the morning. It was really, really hard but rewarding. How would you describe her current hair aesthetic? She is such a beautiful human being. Her aesthetic so far this year is something that reflects who we are now as artists. I can't speak for her, but I can say I'm a more comfortable stylist now because of her. How do you decide when to use a wig versus her natural hair? We don't decide. It depends based on the looks, style and color. And with things like hair extensions, people have realized they don't need to bleach their hair. If there is a time where I feel like it might damage her hair, I would suggest a wig, which looks just like her hair. So how many wigs do you think you two have amassed together? She has some, but I have all the wigs. I had archived them through the years. I would say there are about 5,000. There's also a collection you can see in Las Vegas, and a lot of them are in New York. What does Lady Gaga like to listen to while getting ready? When she first walks in, I would probably play some Don Henley because you're sitting for so long. I would also bring in some Ace of Base. I would love to play ARTPOP -- it’s my favorite album. I would also play jazz like Tony Bennett, of course. She actually played for me when I went to receive my [Hairstylist of the Year honor at the Daily Front Row Awards in March], and I cried. We have a great time in the trailer talking to each other. It really is like a family. You can read the full interview here.
  10. On July 9th, 2019, Lady Gaga teased her upcoming beauty line titled Haus Laboratories with a mesmerizing fashion video on YouTube. "The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand... But that's too bad." she quotes. Haus Laboratories chose to aim far beyond the regular beauty consumer: "At Haus Beauty we say Beauty is how you see yourself." In the beauty video, we see Lady Gaga surrounded by the most peculiar and androgynous models, celebrating the diversity she always championed and supported since the early days of her career. While promoting Gaga's beauty brand on social media, I noticed a very colorful Twitter user commenting under our posts. I surprisingly found out that it was in fact one of the beauty models featured in the Haus Laboratories commercial! After a quick follow back, I began talking with Fish Fiorucci: the non-binary "golden" model. After telling me they've been a fan of my page for quite some time, we quickly agreed to meet in Milan for a private and intimate interview just a few weeks later. It's was a hot Sunday in Italy when I traveled from Rome to Milan to the photo studio where Fish was prepping for their upcoming fashion week. I stepped into a large private studio where the "golden" model was waiting for me on a cheetah print couch, next to two other artists, naked. FISH: “Thats luke and our producer. We’re working on a big project. Our first together outside the US.” After a few hand shakes and kisses, the two other artist’s gave Fish and I some alone time to speak about just how fabulous the shoot was. I’m now sitting next to Fish while they’re smoking a blunt. The model would be totally naked if it wasn't for their black thong and a pair of 10-inch pleaser heels they through on specifically for this interview. I was still amazed by the size of the location and how filled it was by the many dresses floating from hangers with racks all over the room. I was in fashion heaven. MATT: “Wow it's a big production!” FISH: “We try not to find time for small ones. Go big or go home.” I finally take my laptop out of my backpack and began writing the interview. M: “So, <<Fish>>, that’s how I should refer to you as, right?” F: “Yes. My pronouns are they/them.” Being non-binary must expose them to a lot of unwanted and awkward questions so I understood easily that it was in everyone’s favor to respect Fish for who they are. "Being non binary has given me the chance to feel comfortable in my own body." M: “So Fish ...what an honor is to interview you, thank you for having me, I know you’re very busy.” F: “Of course, thank you for being a trusted source for Lady Gaga news! I’ve been following you for years now.” I wasn't expecting that. After all these years, it still makes me happy when someone recognizes me for all the work I’ve done. M: “You are probably the most peculiar model’s in the Haus Laboratories commercial. What does being non-binary mean to you?” F: “Being non binary has given me the chance to feel comfortable in my own body. A reason to quit asking myself why I dress and act the way I do.” M: “How do you act?” F: “Like a fucking fa**ot! But that's just me. I never want to be called <<a man in heels>>. I just want to be recognized as an androgynous human and not so much male or female.” M: “You're very direct.” F: “What I don't like is how people censor my directness and silence my personality. I enjoy being blunt and I enjoy smoking them too.” M: “I’m sure you went through a lot to get here." F: “It took around 10 years of manifesting and candle lightings” Fish finally decides to get up and starts wandering around the room looking for clothes. They're very tall. Maybe twice my height. It's fun seeing them wander so light around the room even though they have heels as high as Gaga's. They must be a pro. F: “Would it be alright if I change? I have a shoot after this and need a new outfit.” M: "Yeah, no problem. You don’t mind being naked in front of strangers?” F: “Not at all! I like when people start questioning what kind of body parts I have. I’ve been banned many times on Instagram for posting naked photos of myself. But if I were a bigger celebrity, I'm sure It'd be alright. I actually have some old photos of myself naked, edited to look like Gaga's shoot with Eli Russell. Would you like to see them?” They grab their purse from the couch and pick up the phone and start looking through their gallery. "I was forced to act masculine at test shoots and meetings. It was a scary time." F: “I was 18 at the time and was sexually harassed by this photographer.” There is a slight silent moment. I'm surprised how they shouted it out so calmly. M: “...do, you wanna talk about it?” F: “It’s very common in this industry. It shouldn’t have to be, but sadly there aren’t enough rights in this industry to protect us from moments like this. I also think it’s great that my platform is growing now. I can speak about issues like this with no censorship. I’ve never been more encouraged to share my stories until now. Before it was a battle. The photos speak for themselves: my eyes are filled with sadness. I hated myself at that age. I was forced to act masculine at test shoots and meetings. It was a scary time. My innocence made it easier for people to take advantage of me. I know how to use my voice now. I just wish my agents taught me how to. This topic was just too taboo for them.” M: “I believe it’s still taboo for a lot of young kids who want to enter this world.” F: “It’s all a huge battle. Battle for your life! See what I did there?” At first I didn’t get it, but then I remember the quote from the Haus Laboratories commercial. I wasn't really sure how to move forward about the last topic. I wasn't even expecting them to open up so much with me. Luckily, Fish was very joyful, and assured me everything was fine now. M: “How was shooting with Lady Gaga?” F: "Who's Lady Gaga?" I laugh. F: “I thought this was a Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta fan interview!” M: “Then how was being on the set with Stefani?” F: “To be quite honest, it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever experienced in my life. I felt like a star! And to be working closely with one of the biggest pop stars of our generation made it even more worthwhile. I finally felt like I was in the right place at the right time.” M: “So tell me more about the shooting day.” F: “I constantly found myself on set acting like a fool at times. I was just so starstruck. The cameraman would catch Gaga talking to me at times and when she would leave, I’d say <<do you guys know that lady?>> and would walk away with the biggest smile on my face. It was non-stop hard work coming from everyone. The energy was so strong and powerful. We had so much fun shooting on set. It was such a privilege to be working with the same people who created Gaga.” M: “I bet you had so much fun that day. Is it “easy” to work with her?” F: “Fashion isn't easy. Gaga isn’t easy. She’s advanced. If you thought the challenges on American Next Top Model were hard, think again sweetie. We were there to serve and the people were left FILLED.” M: “It was hard, but it was worth it...?” F: “From an artist point of view, I was blessed to be able to analyze every detail about the shoot. From the styling, casting and production, I left the shoot feeling inspired. From a model POV, it was a huge accomplishment. I like to consider myself more <<homemade>> than others, and getting this far was something I never imagined. I did it bitches.” M: “That sounds like a dream, I bet THAT was a real huge production! ” F: “The biggest. If I wanted a donut, I got my donut.” M: “ ...and you also had Lady Gaga next to you. Do you remember anything funny from those days?” F: “She smelled like miu miu perfume.” M: “Is it a bad thing?” F: “I smell like miu miu perfume now. I had to buy it.” The other artist’s re-enter the studio. We talked so much that I almost forgot when they went out. They began unfolding dresses from a table near us, announcing that the other photographer would be coming and that we only had 10 minutes left. "My plan is to advocate for mental health awareness while still being the queer genderless queen that I am." F: “Before we wrap, ask me anything you’re dying to know.” M: “How would you describe Gaga to someone who can’t afford to see her or might live too far?” F: “She’s genuine. She’s a fucking hard worker and has a deeper appreciation for art than many other musical artists. She is God. You know what, I may sound cheesy but her music and persona are the reason I'm still here today. I've dealt with depression at a very young age and spent most of my nights crying and listening to her. I became a victim of her mind controlling music at age 11 and promised to sell my soul one day in return for fame. Gaga is my religion.” M: “Before I go: what are you gonna do now with your life? What’s the plan?” F: “It’s my goal to get famous before the year ends. I need everyone to know Fish before 2020 comes around. My plan is to advocate for mental health awareness while still being the queer genderless queen that I am. I’m a runway model with a loud mouth.” M: “If you could speak to the world, what would you say?” F: “Take My Picture, Hollywood! I Wanna Be a Star!” The other photographer enters the studio. Everyone around me began running around meaning our time was coming to an end. As they began prepping dresses, getting make-up ready and adjusting lights I start packing my computer. It was almost time for me to catch my train. I hug Fish and thank them for their time. But before I go, I remembered a question I should have asked at the beginning of the day. M: “Hey Fish, can I ask your real name?” F: “No” They ran away with a smile on their face and began fitting for their next shoot. A model on the run. Interview by LadyGagaNow.
  11. Last night it was announced that some of the shows where Lady Gaga appeared won 3 Emmy Awards. Respectively, RuPaul's Drag Race episode 'Oh. My. Gaga!' won an Emmy for Outstanding Picture Editing and Outstanding Costumes. The second Emmy was won thanks to her Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show for Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction. This is just 1 out of 6 nominations that Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance received. Finally, her Carpool Karaoke episode won an Emmy in the Best Variety Special category. Reminder: the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards are taking place in Los Angeles, California, on the 17th of September. Congratulations, Gaga!
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