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    Nicola Formichetti Talks Lady Gaga And Chromatica in Recent Interview

    Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga's fashion and creative director has given an interview for a new campaign with american furniture store CB2. In the new interview, Nicola talked about his life and career as well and also about working with Gaga on Chromatica. Formichetti mentioned that he and Gaga have been busy during quarantine creating new music videos and performances:

    “In New York, I used to have a separate office. Since moving to LA, I have combined my living and work space [and] that seems balanced for me right now with everything going on. Turns out I am enjoying it a lot,” he explains. “I’ve been having fun working on Gaga’s new era, Chromatica. We have been busy working on new music videos, photo shoots and performances—and that has all kept me excited and busy.”


    You can read the interview in its entirety here.

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