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  1. I'm glad she's surrounded by good persons like bobby🥺❤
  2. Me too!! I just know the outfits and the acting will be on point
  3. Its my favourite gaga song!! I wish gaga would've put brooklyn nights instead of MJH on artpop ☹
  4. Aaaah I can already imagine her with a fur white or black coat in that location
  5. I'm so relieved I was praying the whole time for their safety
  6. I'm sorry for everything again. I did not cheat tho just so you know almost no one liked my posts but I have spammed so sorry for that. Gn❤
  7. Same I feel really disgusting tbh I feel like I ruined it for everything for all the monsters on here😔. This forum has so much potential tbh. Some of us just went way to far
  8. Me2 I've had only 4 hours of sleep. I'm so worried for gaga and Ryan and the dogs. I'm praying for the dogs that nothing will happen to them they're like Gaga's children
  9. Congrats with your pirise ❤❤I hope you enjoy it. I only participated for the 1st time during this week. SoII thought this was normal to be that high and people replying a lot Me too. We were going to far it was really unhealthy for us to be active for hours and comment every minute. Let's not do this again
  10. I agree I'm sorry if we made you feel like you didn't have any chance to win. What I did was not cheating but being active and commenting non stop. It was very unhealthy for me but I really wanted the gaga cd. I just wanted an important item from the woman who saved my im sorry again I hope you understand ❤
  11. Hey Matt I want to apologise for all the spam I've done, the spam wasn't ok at all and I'm so sorry for all this, at first it was really good and I made made a great monster friend thanks to this forum, we talked a lot about our problems,mental illnesses and how the world could be a better place. this week was so stressful for me while the leaderboard was raising I was so scared I wouldn't be in the top 3, I, wasn't focused in school at all just because i wanted to keep my place in the top 3. It took me days and a lots of fights with family to get all these bolts. but I totally understan
  12. Yes yes ik you didn't mean self harm but I'm.just shocked that's it haha
  13. I'm sorry you was abused 🥺❤. Well if it gives you relief ig that's ok😓
  14. What really😭omg how could you be relieved cuz of pain
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