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  1. Omgg I think Rihanna is a witch cuz she cast a spell on a lot of people it seems ik a some people that are also obsessed with her all of a sudden out of nowhere. R9 coming soon!! And good tasteee I love all of these songs as well but I think my fav album would be unapologetic or rated r
  2. I'm so addicted to Rihannas discography lately. What's your fav rihanna album? If you haven't listened to her discography yet I recommend you do, she makes great music!
  3. Yes omgg the one that bring présents all the time she comes over and super excited to see her🥺. A dream that will never come true
  4. I still need to watch the 1st one idk when thooo
  5. Social media is toxic af. Gaga and katy didn't call it the toilet of the Internet and trash for nothing
  6. Imagine having gaga as your mother😭litterally a gift from god a blessing
  7. Np❤and its ok im used to them being like that
  8. Sameee🥺I will be very jealous of her future children tbh
  9. That's so kind of you❤❤God bless you
  10. I still need to watch it!
  11. I think this is one of her best songs imo
  12. Queendom by aurora is a good lgbt song❤❤it's not only about lgbt but about all the people who their voices aren't heard underdogs etc
  13. Hiiii welcome to the forum❤❤
  14. I'm trying to apply for a job but it's so hard to find one I just gave up tbh
  15. Sameeee I'm super grateful for 2020 tbh
  16. Yes! It's not as good as the original saws but it's still good
  17. Yeah. I mean it's saw 9 but not the continuation of the saw franchise its appart It premiered 14th or june I believe I saw it the 29th
  18. Heyyy did y'all see saw 9? Tell me what you think of it! i personally loved it especially the traps they were very creative with them. I loved the one where the fingers were getting wrecked. What was your fav trap?
  19. I'm glad you overcame it! My paremts refuse to get the vaccine they're scared the government has put some thing in it that will slowly kill them☹
  20. "Love yourself today cuz baby you were born this way" Lady Gaga
  21. Yes! When I heard the 1st verse on marry the night "I'm gonna mary the night, I won't give up on my life I'm a warrior queen live passionately tonight" I was crying so much I was in such a horrible place mentally and physically i was suffering and I couldn't take it anymore but thanks to her I'm still here I owe her everything I love her so so much
  22. Rina will be on chromatica remix album
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