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  1. Me too! I think it sounds way better than the final version! On The Fame I skip Summerboy, I Like It Rough, Disco Heaven, Retro Dance Freak On TFM: none On Born This Way: Black Jesus / Amen Fashion On ARTPOP: Jewels N Drugs On Joanne: Angel Down, Sinner's Prayer & Just Another Day On A Star Is Born: Diggin' my Grave & Music To My Eyes On Chromatica: 1000 Doves (sometimes)
  2. My favourite unreleased songs are No Way, Nothing On But The Radio, Changing Skies, I Wanna Be With You, Princess Die (the live version), Brooklyn Nights, We Could Be and Stache. 😍
  3. Congrats to all winners so far! I really hope to win something too 🙂
  4. My last Gaga purchase is the German InStyle magazine March 2021 with Gaga on the cover 🥰
  5. My Instagram names are @florian_graf1301 and @iconic_collector The first one is my personal account and the second one is where I post my collections of Madonna and Lady Gaga. Maybe I will extend this account with more musicians. 🙂
  6. To be honest, I like her early music much more than her music now. From the last album I only like the title track "Positions", from the two albums before (Sweetener & thank you, next), I only like 6 songs out of 27 songs total. I really hoped that "Sweetener" would sound like No Tears Left To Cry which I absolutely love, but I was disappointed when I listened to it. I wish she will go back to her roots as in "My Everything" or "Dangerous Woman".
  7. I'm glad it didn't made it into the mv cause imo it doesn't fit into these whole dark artwork. The outfits in the video are amazing and I can't imagine anything other than these ones.
  8. I'm glad that I have a great relationship to my parents. Before and after my coming out, my parents were always there for me. Of course sometimes we argue about anything, but that's normal. Coming out to my parents was the best I could ever do. I had to tell them cause I was harassed by two other guys (my first gay contacts ever) which lead into psychotic phone calls and messages in the middle of the night and extortion by showing up at my home and telling my parents that I'm gay. So I talked to my parents that I need a new phone number and when they asked why, I had to tell them everything. I started crying, but my parents were so supportive, hugged me and told me that everythings okay. They support me in everything I do and they also love my boyfriend with whom I am together for almost 4 and a half years now. 🙂
  9. My favourite Gaga item I own in my collection is the Funko Pop vinyl figure from Gaga as the Countess in American Horror Story - Hotel I'm so glad I bought it at book fair in Leipzig, Germany in 2017 for a normal price. Now if you want to buy it, you have to pay hundreds of euros. Like on eBay in Germany I saw it for 200€.
  10. Hey little monsters! I have a question: If Gaga would be asked to do the Super Bowl half-time show again, which songs she didn't included in the first one would you want to hear her perform there? (To be fair, you can use Dance In The Dark, Love Game, Paparazzi and The Edge Of Glory too, even it was part of the intro) I'd love to hear Rain On Me (with Ariana Grande), Applause, Perfect Illusion, John Wayne, Paparazzi, Shallow (with Bradley Cooper, The Cure, 911 and Marry The Night I'm excited about your lists!
  11. Which Gaga song covered by another artist is your favorite? I absolutely adore the version of "Dance In The Dark" by Rina Sawayama.
  12. I get the same vibe from her. She's the one queen I don't like in this season. After episode one I liked the queens from the pork chop lounge more than the other ones, but now I like everyone (except Tina) more and more.
  13. Hey everyone! We all know that Gaga supports the fight against Mental Health. But I want to know, if Gaga helped you fighting Mental Illness and how? Here's my story: In 2015 when I was 16 years old, my life made a 180° twist. I was starting my schooling which meant new school, new people, new stuff. I was lucky to have a few friends from secondary school with me, so I wasn't all alone. A few weeks later it all began. I got up one morning, got ready for school and on my way to school I got a call that my best friend has died in a car accident. I met a friend every morning at a hotel, so we could go together the rest of the way to school. She was waiting that morning for me too and when I saw her, I broke down in tears in her arms. It was horrible. The entire day I spoke to no one and was all by myself. When I got home, I locked myself into my room and listened to some music. When "Til it happens to you" by Gaga came on, I broke down again. I repeated many times listening to it, cause the song was fitting like a glove. My best friend and I wanted to drive by car, but I couldn't, cause I was visiting my grandparents. So I almost were dead too when I would have gone with him in his car. The following weeks and months after that accident many other horrible things happened in my life, like the death of my grandma... So I was falling into a deep depression. The whole time I was listening to Gaga's music, which gave me strength and power to fight against that depression. In June 2016 I was making one of the greatest steps in my life. I had my coming out as bisexual. I first made it public on Instagram and then on Facebook, where my whole family got to see it. Gladly everyone was reacting in positive ways, which made it much easier for me. A few months later I met my boyfriend and won that fight with his help and the help of Gaga. We are still in a relationship, which lasts over four years now. He tries to support me in every way. Now every time I feel sad, I put on Gaga's music and feel better.
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Florian and I'm from Germany. :) I'm a fan since she released Just Dance in 2008.
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